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Some Central Virginia teachers, principals cheating on SOL tests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. – While cheating often brings to mind students copying from a classmate or maybe having answers written on their hands, but a CBS 6 investigation found teachers-- and even principals in Central Virginia -- cheating on the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests.

There have been more than 30 cases over the past five years where students have been forced to retake the SOLs in Chesterfield, Henrico, and Richmond as a result of cheating by teachers and administrators.

Cosby High School student Gage Langlais is one of those students.

He crammed people, places and time period into his brain for his World History SOL test in May, only to learn he would have to retake the test.

“I was kind of in shock, like, I worked so hard to clear this test, why do I have to take it again,” Langlais said.


According to documents obtained from the state, Langlais and 92 of his fellow students had to retake the exam because his teacher was giving out hints.

“I never heard her do anything like that,” Langlais said.

When we showed Langlais’s father, Luc Langlais, those documents, he expressed surprise and wondered why it would happen.

“What’s the motive? To look good? Are they getting pressure from their administrations?” Luc Langlais asked.

Since 2010, the state ordered retests after investigations into cheating by teachers, principals and SOL proctors two times in Chesterfield, eight times in Richmond, and 24 times in Henrico.

The principal at Ginter Park Elementary School in Richmond was placed on indefinite administrative leave in 2011 for changing the answers of at least one student.

A principal at Montrose Elementary School in Henrico actually took the SOL for an absent student, and then changed that student’s attendance record, according to state records.

“The document speaks for itself,” said Henrico County School spokesperson Andy Jenks.

“Oh, absolutely, any testing irregularity concerns us,” Jenks said when asked if school’s are concerned over the documents.

In another case at Highland Springs High School in Henrico, a geometry teacher admitted giving students the correct answers.

We showed the investigation to Highland Springs student Donald Hagans.

“I didn’t think it would happen at Highland Springs of all schools…that’s crazy,” Hagans said.


We asked Jenks why the Henrico School system had the highest number of cheating instances that led to re-testing investigated by the state.

“I don’t know if there is a concrete answer to that, I think the relatively high numbers are a reflection of our willingness to report these findings to the state; to not make any excuses for what takes place,” Jenks said.

Dr. Bill Bosher, a former Henrico and Chesterfield Superintendent who was the state’s top educator when the SOLs were created in the 1998, said schools can lose accreditation if students do not perform well on the tests.

“If people are placing undue pressure, that needs to be addressed, but to eliminate the pressure is to eliminate the accountability,” Bosher said.

Jenks said expectations are reasonable.

“Would a teacher be fired if not enough students were passing the SOL?” Hipolit asked Jenks.

“No, no --that’s no, the answer to that is no,” Jenks said.

If someone is caught cheating Virginia law allows for a teacher or administrator’s license to be taken away for cheating, but the state told us just 10 people in the entire state have ever had their license revoked or suspended for testing violations.

Disciplinary action is typically left up to the individual school system.

We asked Jenks if Henrico County Public Schools have ever fired someone for cheating.

“I can’t say for sure because we’re talking about what’s getting into, what could be extrapolated, what could be a personnel matter connected to a certain individual -- but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities,” Jenks said.

While Henrico, Chesterfield and Richmond said they are legally unable to talk about specific cases, state records show Langlais’ teacher left Cosby, which is a decision he hopes will mean no more re-tests in the future.

“It should be about what we learned and the teacher should have no part,” Langlais said.

We spoke with some teachers who wanted to remain anonymous when discussing what they felt could be causing teachers and principals to cheat.

They told me there is extreme pressure for kids to perform well on the SOLs and everything centers on those tests.

One teacher even told us the “pressure is so great that despite what you do and how good you are at it, it’s all about that one day [SOL testing day].”


  • manalishi

    Of course they cheat. It’s impossible to achieve any “standard of learning” with indoctrination as the baseline of mediocrity. Furthermore, it’s impossible to effective teach democrat larvae that were raised by democrats.

  • Ryan

    The tests are above and beyond overrated. Public education to be exact is overrated in America. In the past all you needed was a high school diploma, but now jobs are insisting on college diplomas and higher. These tests aren’t about the student at all, it’s about the teacher and their individual teaching methods. The only thing the student is required is to pass to be able to receive that mediocre diploma to spend 4+ years in more school. Life has cheaters, and those who cheat are smart because they know that their are more important things to be doing.

    • joey

      yep, very tryue! its all about pumping money into the economy. so they make high cost college mandatory for jobs that you dont need college for. a lot of these office jobs that require a college degree and you dont really need it. then you see all of these bogus colleges/univerisities. (ecpi, strayer, icdc college, and online colleges collecting all that student loan money. its just all about money, not educating people.

    • manalishi

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    • manalishi

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      • joey

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      • manalishi

        ” speak your opinion eloquently if you can. ” I prefer to stick to facts as opposed to opinion. At six years, we no longer have a productive relationship with ANY ally except radical islamists. The so called “recovery” is based heavily on low paying jobs due to market competitiveness (taxes), and pertaining to this article, nobody seems to want a legitimate educational standard which is precisely why k-12 academia is steadily slipping into the abyss compared to the rest of the world. Or shall we touch base in the indoctrination of our students especially at early ages? I’m not certain exactly what the current education (indoctrination) is designed to achieve, but obviously actual education for intellectual advancement of a nation as a whole is not on the table.

        Racism is a laughable joke these days. I contend and have witnessed that the vast majority of racial tensions in this country revolve around 2 contants. #1 is economics, and #2 is propaganda. The repair of either aspect is not part of Barry Soertoro’s agenda.

      • Robbie

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  • Hang 10

    SOLs are bogus, testing is a tool to bypass real learning.
    Do students learn to think critically? No
    Our public school system is a MESS.

  • RPS

    I hate that the conversation has turned to a bunch of nonsense and lambasting. The story at hand should be the subject.

    Cheating is real and it happens at my school in RPS. We are too afraid to speak about it, however, and administration is too afraid to do anything about it.

    Corrupt teachers have corrupt proctors in their rooms and that’s all they need to assist students who are too delighted to tell anyone that their teachers are cheating.

    One student told me exactly what their teacher had done to help him on his test.

    • manalishi

      What i want to see made public is exactly how many teachers in VA (broken down into municipalities) are operating on emergency waivers.

      • Clayton Bigsby

        That data is guarded like Lerners emails. If this were happening in Short Pump it would make national headlines, with names and photos of the offenders. However, blacks are protected at all cost.

      • Robbie

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  • joey

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  • Pam

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      • tim

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