5 hurt after hot-air balloon hits power lines, crashes in Mass.

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CLINTON, Mass. — Two months after a deadly hot-air balloon crash in Caroline County, five people were injured after a hot-air balloon crashed in Massachusetts Saturday night.

balloon2Witnesses said there were five or six people on board when the balloon hit power lines and caused at least two explosions.

Firefighters said five of the people on the balloon were burned — some seriously.

“A Colt Balloon was attempting to land in a residential area near Clinton, MA when it struck a power line and caught on fire today at 7:40 p.m.,” the Federal Aviation Administration told WBZ.

balloon1Jose Papaleo saw the crash.

“A big flash of red right in front of you and then another one. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m still shaking from it,” Papaleo said. “We thought they were gone…  Everybody was calling 911.”

Three people were killed when a hot-air balloon crashed at the inaugural Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival in Caroline County on May 9.

The night of the fatal crash, three hot-air balloons took off from Meadow Event Park and headed northeast to a pre-approved landing zone about two miles away from the park.

Two of the balloons landed safely at the designated spot. However, as the third balloon approached for a landing, police said it struck a power line and burst into flames.

Two University of Richmond basketball staff, Ginny Doyle and Natalie Lewis, died in the crash. The pilot, Captain Dan Kirk, of Pennsylvania also died.  All deaths were reported accidental.


  • davey

    once agan,heres a idea,if youre gonna launch do it away from power lines.do you idiots need more directions then that?hard to feel bad when this should be common practice.

  • Ron Melancon

    We keep telling the idiots in Washington DC that instead of going after children that make homemade cupcakes go after the ballon industry that advocates no safety standards that everybody must follow to prevent these accuse dents. Just like homemade and defective trailers go to dangeroustrailers.org

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