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Redskins fans will need tickets for most popular days

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The Redskins will require fans to have tickets for 4 of the most popular days of their upcoming training camp. Tickets will be free but distributed through an on-line lottery

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  • Robbie

    Let’s see how many show up each day trying to get in and how many protest their logo. Only the politically correct liberals care about the logo the other 85% of the people could care less.

  • y

    It is So Jonesed/Positively(?) Richmond to have Media Partnered Propaganda Machine, Banner
    the Headlines of Redskins Enforced Restrictions. FACTS seems to be that the Redskins get a FREE facility and are paid $500,000 just to show up. Then Redskins restrict their Fans on Fans’ Appreciation Days. They then further restrict their Host, on their busiest days, in making the
    money to Pay Them and reimburse the Tax Payers. Correct-Mess IS Expensive, ludicrous,
    and hard to follow, logically.

  • mbaker9105

    Well, maybe the left out fans can munch on a Pedro’s Taco they had to walk 5 blocks to get while standing outside in the heat and enjoying themselves. Maybe take some selfies or family photos standing outside….after all, this was all about bringing business to the locals in Richmond, right, not about access for the fans. So even though Pedro can’t afford to pay the thousands of dollars to set up near the venue (wouldn’t want to take away business from the approved chain-vendors inside the venue, don’t ya know), he gets his cut, right? Better yet, it sounds even better for the hotel chains in the surrounding counties, maybe the fans who can’t get in will go back to the hotel area and spend some time eating at our local restaurants and shopping at our stores out in the counties. Once again I haven’t seen a single promotion from the downtown Hotels offering any packages, shuttle services, etc. anything that would entice out of towners to pay the prices down there (granted, I haven’t specifically looked for them). I don’t think they care or want “ahem, that type” down in the Omni or other higher end hotels dowtown, running around in their Redskins garb in their lobby, some drinking, making their preferred clientele uncomfortable and making the place look “trashy”. Maybe the players and staff stay downtown? Thanks Richmond! Chesterfield, Henrico, and Hanover salute you!

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