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Chesterfield man dies in early morning New Kent crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW KENT, Va. -- Rodney "RJ" Flesher, Jr. , 21,  of Chesterfield, was pronounced dead at the scene of an early morning crash in New Kent County.

Flesher attended L.C. Bird High School, according to friends of the family.

Virginia State Police responded to a single car accident on Old Church Rd, a half mile east of Old River Rd, around  6:30 Saturday morning.

Flesher's 1998 Mustang ran off the road and struck a tree, according to police.

Police said speed was a factor, however the exact cause of the crash remains under investigation.


  • Tisa Walker

    I am so sorry for your loss what a great young man. Thought and prayers to the family and friends. I meet this young man when he was ten he would come over to the house and play I watch him and his sister grow up Love you Ashley call if you or your family need any thing.

  • paula

    Why do people tell families that are going through things to call them if they need anything. Of course they need something. Go to them. They don’t have time to pick up a phone and call you and said what they need. They are in grief.

    • Tisa Walker

      I my self I am a Gold Star mother a mother that has lost a child serving there country it is just a way of telling some one you are thinking of them and that you are here. Oh my son was 22 years old 11/25/08 I know what they are going through.

      • Karen

        No Tisa; you know what you went through and what you are going through. You are not them so you cannot possibly know what someone else is going through. You may know they are in pain but to know what they’re actually going through, no, you don’t know that.

      • Tisa Walker

        Thank you Lola words do not hurt me any more after the loss of a child, and this page is for RJ RESPECT IT PLEASE.

  • Lola

    Paula, You should mind your own business. If you don’t like the comments that people write, don’t read them. Kelly, you are so brilliant you had to put your two cents worth in.
    Tisa, I’m sorry for the loss of your son as well as this nice young man that you knew since he was a child. That was very nice of you to write the traditional Southern sympathy message. I know exactly what you meant and it was beautiful and did not need to be called out by two insensitive knot heads.

  • Lola

    Karen, you really have nothing better to do than attack a woman who lost her son and wanted to post a nice message to the family of someone she knows? Why are you, Paula and Kelly holding Tisa accountable for every word she wrote? She is entitled to write what she wants. The message was obviously not for either of you three. It appears you are trying to bully Tisa. You really ought to knock it off. Why don’t go over to Legacy and straighten everybody who has wrote similar messages to loved ones of the deceased. That should keep you busy for awhile and you can leave Tisa alone.

  • Annonymous too

    I cannot imagine losing my child, but while I would never wish it upon my worst enemy I would be so grateful that someone who had experienced this type of pain would reach out and offer comfort while also respecting my privacy during this difficult time. Well said Tisa….Paula got it wrong.

    • Tisa Walker

      Thank you annonymous Too Thank you I wish I had people around me or there for me when I lost my son. Please Paula This about RJ I would not like for his family to see this and If you know them you would not either.

      • Paula

        You two are so dense. I did NOT say don’t help grieving family. I said stop telling them if they need anything let you know. Why said that when you know that need comfort.. Be there so they don’t have to ask. Did you understand this time what I am saying?? If you don’t then someone need to help you.

    • kathryn1011

      You need to stop being so disrespectful and recognize your drama is very inappropriate in any situation but especially here and in this venue. I can only assume you are very young and do not realize that what you say can cause a lot of pain. Please remember that this is not your facebook account and you have no right to voice your opinion.

  • Kathy

    Rodney, Becky, Jacob and all RJ’s family and friends who loved him, my deepest sympathy. I pray everyone gets the strenghth to get through this horrible time. I don’t have an answer as to why this happened or how in the world you will get through this, just lean on your family and friends and concentrate on celebrating his life.

  • Paula

    Kathryn1011 when you see something that say REPLY or COMMENt it is asking for a opinion. Plus if my comments are not to you then it would be in your best intrest not to reply back to me. You need help

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