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The car smart, the parking job is…

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RICHMOND, Va. – A photo of a smart car parked perpendicular on a Richmond street created a bit of a social media stir Thursday morning.

“This guy clearly didn’t sit through the RVA Bike Walk presentation,” one neighbor tweeted along with a photo of the car. “No angled parking on Floyd Ave!”

When the strange site was posted on Facebook, others had a fun time coming up with their best one liners.

“If it fits it sits!” Erin Cameron commented.

“Well, at least the car is Smart,” Doug Orleski chimed in.

“Who’s to say it isn’t correct?” Victoria Allen asked. “It fits, it doesn’t impede traffic, it makes it easier for the cars in front and behind to get out, and it takes up less space.”

While all the things Victoria pointed out may be true, the parking job is not legal, according to Richmond Police.

You are only allowed to “angle” park in Richmond where signs specially allow it, police said.

Police did give the driver an “A+ for the effort.”