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Teen accused of kidnapping girl at Varina High gets 5 months

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- The teen accused of kidnapping a girl from Varina High School at gunpoint last year will spend five months behind bars.

A judge suspended four years and seven months of Austin Martin’s five-year sentence.

Police said Martin forced the girl into his car by showing a gun in the school parking lot in May of 2013 and the held the girl captive for hours at a home last until she managed to escape.

Officers caught him when he tried to run from the home.

Martin pleaded no contest on March 5 to brandishing and possessing a firearm near a school.

Prosecutors set aside the abduction and use of a firearm charges.



  • manalishi

    “Prosecutors set aside the abduction and use of a firearm charges.” And there you have it! The democrat Henrico CA is a fully complicit contributor in the “war on women”. Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for her.

  • Michael

    Wooooow! Either he knows someone in a high position or its because he’s white. The brat will get out and commit more crime.

  • Queen

    Yes he will Michael. He kidnapped her at gunpoint????? When the kids from Varina high pulled a senior prank people wanted them to get real jail time. He needs way more than what he has.

  • KiloLee

    I had to unlock this idiot’s car at Brown’s Island like a week or 2 before he did this. To hell with jailtime, he just needs to get the needle, and hopefully with the chemicals in the wrong order. No mercy.

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