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Acision’s Richmond office is at Deep Run III. (PHOTO: NAI Eagle)

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – An international company will cut 65 employees from its Richmond-area office, according to a notice the firm filed with the state.

Acision, which provides messaging services to mobile communications companies, notified affected employees Friday, it said in filings made with the Virginia Workforce Network’s Rapid Response program.

The job cuts are “expected to be permanent” and are effective beginning Sept. 9, the company said in a letter to the state.

In an emailed statement, an Acision spokesperson said the downsizing in Richmond staff is due to “realignment.”

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  • steven

    love when they try to make what they do sound better.that would be spammers or telemarketer’s correct?good riddance.get a job where you dont have to bother people

  • Jim Saunders

    @Steven – Acision is a software company that makes text messaging software and voicemail. I know local news sites are usually the bottom of the barrel for internet comments but, come on, don’t talk about stuff you don’t know.
    @Lisa and @Timmeh – they’re being “realigned” in the Czech Republic. I think they’re paying them in pig intestines and stale beer.

  • Y

    Love Globalization! that allows the buying of Citizenship and Voting Rights; then Management admits it can’t manage its resources, and fires the American employees. Good Scam.

  • Jinny Porcina

    The Jobs are not being moved to anywhere. Acision’s business is collapsing. WhatsApp, iMessage & Blackberry are eating their lunch.
    They are trying to move into a different segment, ie. re-alligning.

  • Jim Saunders

    @Jinny It’s not being realigned. Acision only kept one Richmond team for their one remaining project/product. They’re just looking for that product to be bought up by someone. There’s already rumors of another 100+ being laid off internationally, and who’s not laid off will be around for whatever transition they make to whoever buys them and then they will be laid off too. It’s a fire sale. It’s not a re-alignment of any sort.

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