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Mom mad after daughter gets Herpes at daycare

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother is upset after her one-year-old daughter got a horrible case of Herpes from a teacher at an Oklahoma City daycare center. Consuela Smith said her daughter is in pain day and night.

“She started getting blisters all around her mouth and bleeding,” Smith said.

After her daughter’s doctor confirmed the child had Herpes, Smith said she immediately contacted the daycare.

“I told her [the daycare director] what she had and they told me the worker does have this,” Smith said.

“Herpetic stomatitis is basically when you have multiple cold sores in your mouth,” Doctor Ryan Brown explained. “Cold sores are normally caused by Herpes simplex one virus. They are very easily spread, by touching and rubbing something else or saliva.”

ChildTime corporate offices out of Michigan issued the following statement:

Our children’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us. We have strict policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory guidelines on health and safety. We take every precaution to prevent the spread of germs or illness, and investigate any reported concerns.

Although Smith said she was upset, she said she is focused on getting her daughter better and keeping other children safe.

“It’s nasty,” she said. “A one year old walking around with Herpes.”


  • Luv life

    My son attended a Child Time Daycare in Virginia and I had to report their bad practices to the state inspector. The daycare was cited because there wasn’t cleanliness nor did the kids or the providers wash their hands. I am so glad that I found a better daycare!

  • paula

    Do she have proof that the baby got it from the daycare. Did any other child got it? Are she sure the baby didn’t get it from family. Any other daycare she use they better watch out. Next time the mother might say daycare gave her baby cancer

      • paula

        Gerry & Cathy is the spelling and grammer good enough for what I About to say now? Crabby Cathy & Gerbbie Gerry stick your head in eachother butt. See Gerbbie Gerry even Crabby Cathy don’t see anything wrong with the spelling. Maybe you the one can’t spell. Remember you did wrote in one of your comment that you only finish the third grade when Cathy said she only finish the seventh.

    • Mai

      Paula does have a point here. About 80% of the US population are infected with HSVI and usually acquire it as children through “kissy” adults or putting things in their mouths as young children. It is most likely that this child acquired it from a family member rather than the daycare worker. Most times people with Herpes Simplex I do not show the symptoms in the form of a cold sore or canker sore. Often times those that do, only show cold/canker sores when they have a compromised immune or other factors.

  • Truth

    Paula you are clearly very ignorant…and contrary to popular belief ignorance is not bliss! I am disgusted by your comments overall and the improper grammar you used was really the icing on the cake for me. Please grow up go back to school, and get you life together sweety knowledge is power and wasting your mind dwelling on the garbage that spews out of your mouth confirms that you are obviously a walking waste of oxygen *drops mic* I’m done !

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