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Buzz Aldrin’s ‘out of this world’ selfie is better than yours

Space Selfie

The “selfie” has been around a lot longer than social media. Perhaps the earliest famous selfie came courtesy of NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He took one in outer space back in 1966.

“I didn’t realize that I was pioneering the selfies,” Aldrin said about the snap. “This camera is fixed. And then I go click. I did that. Click. I take a picture. Then the sun comes up.”

Aldrin said he took the space selfie because he did not have anything else to do at the time.

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  • Robbie

    This should really tick off crazy Jay whose over posting pigs on the cop stories. Jays gonna say that we never went to the moon, Kennedy shot himself, and he was abducted by little green men from Chesterfield that gave him a ticket just to make their quotas.

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