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Police credit Facebook for helping catch Jefferson Hotel theft suspect

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Brandon R. Slaughter, 26, of Glen Allen (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

RICHMOND, Va. – Within one hour of posting his picture on Facebook, Richmond Police said they received a tip that lead to the arrest of a man accused of a $15,000 theft from the Jefferson Hotel.

“A Facebook fan called detectives and identified this person of interest in the theft of several copper planters,” Richmond Police posted on Facebook. “The next day, the man—Brandon R. Slaughter, 26, of Glen Allen—surrendered to police and was charged with grand larceny.”

The Richmond Police Facebook post had more than 100 shares and was seen by more than 16,000 people on Facebook. Richmond Police detectives said this was the first example of a direct link between one of its Facebook posts and an arrest.


    • athynz

      Not at all. Let’s go with the hypothetical that he did in fact steal those planters – I say hypothetical because he has not been tried and sentenced for the crime so until such time he is presumed to be innocent legally – it’s because he felt entitled to them. The part of entitlement is the party that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are also members of – the Democrat party.

      However my somewhat sarcastic comment aside I seriously doubt any sort of political affiliation came into play.

      • Troll

        athynz thinks he is entitled to show his ignorance for his own entertainment and self satisfaction.

      • athynz

        And as usual David delights in flinging insults like a monkey flings it’s poo and with just as much intelligence as the monkey oh brave keyboard warrior that he is. I post, he insults. Manalishi posts, he insults. Perhaps he too ignorant to actually post something about the topic at hand?

  • Ron Melancon

    We at Dangerous trailers solved one last month in South Carolinia. Google. Dangerous trailers how to steal a trailer. Did you know that you can also steal a trailer in Virginia and re register it as a homemade trailer and the police and DMV will help you do it. Delegate OBannon has refused to introduce legislation to stop this practice. Under the current law you don’t get asked how you built it.

    • John

      I didn’t think trailers had to be registered in South Carolina. I bought one from there a few years ago and that was the law there then. I wish Virginia would follow that same model and not have to register trailers. I guess it is more money for DMV and personal property taxes.

    • manalishi

      Edison troll? Did you just call the Jefferson “working mans pocket”? Only a democrat could be that stupid,,,Hows yo mama doin?

  • ChesterfieldGal

    Can you explain why this has anything to do with being a republican?? People are so ignorant!

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