Can you go 99 days without Facebook?

RICHMOND, Va. — Think you can handle it? A Dutch ad agency has come up with a challenge. It wants you to go 99 days without Facebook.

It claims the time away from the social media site will not only save you 28 hours, but it will also make you happier.

This in response to a recent social media experiment conducted by Facebook that involved over 700,000 users.

You can read more about the challenge here.


  • paula

    I was hoping that facebook would disappear. People just go crazy with it. They tell too much of their personal life. There have been times families have learn about deaths in a family before someone inform them. Don’t stay off it just for 99 days go for the rest of your life. O boy I can image the comments that I am going to get.

  • shut it down

    I agree with the comments here. Take it away. Time consuming to what’s important. People just go on there trying to outdo the next person and trying to impress each other. Not only will people be happier, they’ll save money.

    Lastly, an Idol mind is the devil’s workshop.

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