Man dressed as FedEx driver kills his children, two adults in Texas

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A man shot and killed four children and two adults -- at least some of whom might have been his estranged wife's relatives -- at a Houston-area home Wednesday, authorities said.

A seventh person, a 15-year-old girl, was critically wounded in the shooting near Spring, Texas, and taken to a local hospital.

Ron Lee Haskell was arrested after a three-hour standoff that followed a short chase with sheriff's deputies. Haskell, 34, is being held on charges of capital murder, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman said.

Killed were Stephen Stay, 39; Katie Stay, 33; two boys, ages 13 and 4; and two girls, ages 9 and 7, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

Police said Haskell entered the home demanding to know the whereabouts of his estranged wife, who was not there.

The house belonged to relatives of Haskell's spouse, and Haskell might have been an uncle by marriage to at least some of the children, but his relationship to everyone in the home wasn't immediately clear, Hickman said.

"I've not personally in 40 years seen a tragedy in one family that's this horrific," he told reporters Thursday morning.

Officials: Suspect was prepared to take more lives

Haskell, apparently posing as a parcel delivery driver late Wednesday afternoon, entered the home of one of his estranged wife's relatives while only the children were there, Hickman said.

Wearing a purple "Fed-Ex-looking shirt," the suspect "gathered up the children" and waited for the two adults to arrive, he said.

Haskell was not the slain children's father, as police had mistakenly asserted earlier, Hickman said.

Investigators didn't immediately know what led to the shooting; Hickman described it as a "domestic situation."

He said he didn't know Haskell's occupation.

Authorities believe the suspect was prepared to take the lives of other relatives who lived nearby.

As the gunman left, one of the victims called police and notified "us of the location that she believed that he may go from there," Hickman said.

"Grandparents were also targets of him," Harris County Sheriff's Sgt. Thomas Gilliland said. "Fortunately, they were brought out of the house before that could happen, (or) we would have had more tragedy."

Hours-long standoff

Haskell approached the second home and saw officers there; he drove away and the officers pursued him, Hickman said.

Police trapped Haskell in a cul-de-sac, and he surrendered after about three hours, having had discussions with negotiators, Hickman and Gilliland said.

During much of the standoff, Haskell held a gun to his head, while deputies surrounded him with their weapons drawn, police said.

Haskell has children with his estranged wife, but those children were not believed to have been in the Spring home where the shootings happened, Hickman said. The estranged wife lives out of state, police said.

Haskell is expected to make his first court appearance Friday at 9 a.m., the county clerk's office said.

Spring is about 20 miles north of Houston.


  • Daryle Brown

    If the reasoning runs true to what’s behind many incidents like this, It was quite possibly to “punish” his estranged spouse or “save” the family from her. SMH. We really need to address the escalated pattern of male violence in this country.

  • Becky Blanchard

    too bad they this lowlife scum didn’t give the police a good reason to pump him full of lead.could have saved the time and expense of a trial,not to mention many years waiting to be executed,assuming the capital murder charges stick

    • tarzan322

      So who has the right hands? The government? Do you think regulating them will solve anything? The problem isn’t the guns, it’s the attitudes. Until you change those, it will continue to happen regardless of what you do with guns.


    Another white man committing mass murders because he can’t get his way. He must can’t or will not provide for his family,if he could they would not be with somebody else. Psycho, he should have just killed himself.

    • manalishi

      “he should have just killed himself”. I agree, but democrats call that the “punk” way out.

      • PAT

        You blame democrats for everything but I’m sure he was a republican who murdered his family….. again. He should have just killed himself and yes it is the punk way when you kill your family and kill yourself. Just kill yourself from the start and leave the family alone. If you murder them then you need to stand trial and suffer. You’re not suffering when you committ suicide.

      • BO

        I think the punk way out is being ridiculed at a trial.He is done for whatever reason and life in prison should’nt never be an option.I still think the real reasons are being hidden.No job,money problems,wife wants to leave and take kids and best yet no solution in the last 6 years.Makes a lot much sense than mentally ill.Remember how unsolved crimes were labeled drug related?

      • manalishi

        Interesting Pat, I didn’t blame a democrat for this,,, but since your here, Please tell us more of your knowledge on the protocols of killing families and ones self. Since you so astute with the do’s and do not’s.

  • big baby

    that manalishi, man what a funny guy, everything is politics, it friggin rains its the democrats fault

    • manalishi

      David! Big baby/troll. I don’t blame democrats for rain. I blame your mom turning tricks on the pike for rain. Tell her i want my undies back.

      • paula

        Manalish can’t you find another word to use beside democrats. You will be the next one that we wll read about killing all democrats.


      I know this is completely off topic, but man, I CANNOT stop thinking about Tony Danza! #thorny4u


        David look, I’ve had some time to cool off. I just hate it when we fight. You know I can’t stay mad at you forever. If you want to message me, I’d be willing to talk it out.

  • Robbie

    Since race and politics have been brought into this despicable event, here’s a fact…Texas is a Republican state and staunch believer’s in the 2nd amendment. Chicago Illinois is a Democratic city where 82 people were shot and 16 killed over the 4th of July weekend. I’d say they’re pro 2nd amendment also. Mass murders are committed by any race anytime and anywhere.

    • joseph

      16 killed over a weekend is not a mass murder (I’m sure one person didnt kill all 16 as well) and why are you comparing a state to a city? While you’re at it, 82 people were killed in what duration of time in Chicago? You neglected to tell how many murders occurred in the state of Texas during the same duration, since youre comparing states to cities—horrible attempt at comparison.

  • joseph

    poor manalishi has nowhere to go so he speaks of things that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.


      Maybe one day you will wake up and understand that these shootings are false flag operations perpetrated by Obosco in order to take our guns away. You don’t know anything because you don’t seek the knowledge that is immediately under your nose. Do you think Bengazhi was a real thing as it was portrayed? What about IRS? Are you unfamiliar with events as such? I can only take comfort in knowing that when the rapture comes, you will be teleported to another dimension where the realization of your incompetence will be revealed to you.

      • manalishi

        Extra manalishi’s are popping up everywhere! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “raputure” & “teleport may be a bit of a stretch though.

  • jenny

    If these kids weren’t his, as it says in the article, why does it say it in the headline? The editor isn’t doing his job!

  • Billy

    First give him ebola virus, then lock him in a 3ft by 3ft windoless hole, then stop feeding him until he dies.

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