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LEESBURG, Va. – Two juveniles were arrested and charged with assaulting a veteran in Virginia Beach over the Fourth of July weekend.

Police said Iraq War Veteran Sean Dutrow was on vacation with his wife and five-month-old daughter when he was attacked by a mob while leaving a beach-side bar with his friend, who is also a veteran,  around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

 Sean Dutrow

Sean Dutrow

Dutrow, who is now recovering at home in Leesburg, has 17 stitches in his forehead and an orbital fracture behind his eye, according to report from WTTG.

"I have an orbital fracture behind my eye," Dutrow said. "It's pretty much behind where these stitches are."

His wife, Kasey, said that she always feared getting "the phone call," while her husband served in Iraq. She never imaged she would get "the call" while they were on vacation.

Dutrow and family

Dutrow and family

"It's just so vicious what they did. I just keep thinking of him lying in the street and somebody's stomping and kicking his head. It seems to me they were trying to kill him," Kasey Dutrow said. "I was driving to the hospital thinking I was going to be a widow. He was lying there with a breathing tube and a brace around his neck."

WTKR reports that Virginia Beach detectives said that alcohol was a contributing factor to the verbal altercation that turned into a physical assault.

The juveniles were both charged with Malicious Assault and Curfew Violation.

Virginia Beach Police investigators have not released a motive for the attack.


  • Robbie

    We must have justice for the mob attacks that continue on African Americans? How long are we going to stand by while whites continue to kill our brothers and use stand your ground as a defense?
    Louis Farrakhan

    • brandon

      How long are you going to sit by and watch all the black on black murders all over the country…..Chicago is a prime example, another unintelligent coment not about the story, education is power get some

      • Clayton Bigsby

        Actually Chicago’s liberal government has made it a gun free zone. I guess the hoods just haven’t heard. Also, it’s illegal to kill people, but they ignore that law too. I think at this point containing them in one area is the cities best option.

  • John Mason

    No description of the suspects before their arrest and still no description after. I happen to know that the juveniles that were arrested were black. How long are we going to put up with these savages that roam the streets and prey on good people?

  • Johnnie G

    Guy survives Iraq and gets hurt in Virginia Beach, badly.
    Bars+Alcohol+ Argument with teens = no win situation
    Where is law enforcement when all this is going down? This is not a new situation in Va. Beach. I understand the Police can not be everywhere but still seems like they are always a day late and a dollar short in Va. Beach.
    Wonder how it would have turned out if the teens were armed with guns?

    • manalishi

      “Wonder how it would have turned out if the teens were armed with guns?” Or if the veteran was armed.

  • mbaker9105

    Just as I guessed in the original story…..drinking, words exchanged, fight, someone losing….and since when does a two on two become a “mob attack’? And what was his buddy doing, taking selfies? Like I was told as a youth, “nothin’ but trouble out there after midnite”. Nothing wrong with a little partying with an old military buddy, but 2:30 A.M. you should have been back with the wife and newborn about 2 hours earlier than that. Hard lesson to learn. The freaks come out at night….

    • Pam Cassidy

      Why were two minors intoxicated and looking for a fight at 2:30 am? Hope they are charged with attempted murder, his wife is right….they did try to kill him!

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