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Pair pleads guilty to crimes connected with officer’s slaying

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Leslie Casterlow and Anthony White have pleaded guilty to crimes associated with the murder of Waynesboro reserve police officer Kevin Quick, according to online court records.

Casterlow pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.  White pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge.

Casterlow and White are among the nine people indicted for Quick's abduction and slaying.

The people who carjacked, kidnapped and killed Quick were members of the Bloods street gang, according to a 39-page indictment unsealed in May. The indictment indicated the gang members robbed stores and sold drugs in the weeks and months leading up to Quick's murder. [Click here to read the indictments]

The suspects killed Quick “for the purpose of gaining entrance to and maintaining and increasing position in the enterprise, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity,” the indictments indicated.

Quick was reported missing Friday, Jan. 31 after he left his mother’s home in Afton.

He was on his way to see the mother of his four-month-old daughter in Albemarle County. His body was discovered Thursday off Old Columbia Road in Goochland County, near the Fluvanna County line.

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  • manalishi

    It’s a shame we have to p**s away our tax dollars to take care of these democrats for another minute.

    • grundlemonster

      So quick to use an excuse to “bash” your opposing political party. I doubt these criminals have any political affiliation whatsoever. Must be hard for you to live in a world where you only see hate and resistance.

      • Matt

        So true…… Manalishi blame EVER THINGS on Democrats. He is the worst. Wine like the little pu$$y that he is.

      • manalishi

        So,GRUNDLEMONSTER,,,, Would you call their criminal actions anything short of “hate and resistance” ?
        Matt!. I refuse to eat mayonaise for the same reason YOU can’t get enough of it.,,,,Think about it.
        I notice still nobody claims me to be wrong.

  • Peter Abelard

    As an African American I’m disgusted by this. – Why can’t we get ourselves together? – – Please my brothers,stop thinking of yourselves as lazy,filthy criminals. Let’s get to work and help build this wonderful nation.

  • Peter Abelard

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