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Deputies: 9-year-old made up Stafford attempted abduction

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STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. – Detectives in Stafford said Friday that the nine-year-old boy who claimed a man tried to abduct him Tuesday afternoon made up the incident.

The alleged inclident child was on his bike in the Vista Woods subdivision at the time of the attempted abduction.

Detectives interviewed the boy and determined the child made up the story.

“Indications are that the young boy made up the story so that he would not get in trouble for an unrelated incident,” Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Bill Kennedy wrote in a news release.


  • paula

    I know I might get some mad feed back for what I am about to say but here goes. How did this nine year old little boy that was scare remember so many details? He can even guess the age of these people. The name of the truck. The clothes they was wearing. Something is strange. I will be the first to say I am sorry if I am wrong.

    • Sean Greer

      I feel exactly what you’re saying, Paula. The initial reaction is, oh my gosh, who would dare attack this child? But at the same time, we’ve seen people make up stories like this before, so stick to your guns.

      • paula

        Sean I can’t see a normal scare nine year old can desribes something so well. I know I couldnt. As I said if I am wrong I won’t be too proud to said that I am sorry.

    • StaffordSucks

      Did you think that maybe the police have a good process for extracting this information? They are very well trained in extracting important information from even the most traumatized victims. Maybe they brought in a book that had all the truck manufacturer logos? Maybe he knew someone that had a similar truck and could make that connection? As far as the dress goes its most likely an educated guess that the police came to based off the kids description, black is not hard to remember and they probably showed him pictures of the top of clothing until he found one that looked like it.

      • StaffordSucks

        How does anything i said not make sense? People are saying that the story is fishy because the kid knew so many details about the truck and the two people inside. You are a fucking idiot if you do not realize how easy it is to extract that kind of information. So read up on it before you open your fat redneck mouth about nothing you know shit about.

      • paula

        Lol. Staffordsucks. I guess I hit a nerve huh. Don’t get mad at me because I said your comments didn’t make sense. O yes one more thing I not redneck but I bet you are.

      • StaffordSucks

        Nope, its just funny how people think they are like fucking Sherlock Homes or something and try to seem smart to others about something they don’t know anything about. I bet you are singing the same retarded story to all the other fat blond stay at home moms on your street.

      • paula

        Now now Staffordsuck. There you go again assuming the wrong thing.I am not fat or a blond. You got a imagnation like the little nine year boy. Now if you keep using that F word your mommie going is going to wash your mouth out like she did when you was six. Go outside and play fair and stop being a bully. You are not scaring anyone you just showing how scare you are. Take the last four letter off your name a d add er to it. Lollll

  • marie

    I was wondering how he knew a woman who was in a truck had on a dress. Did they leave out detail of the woman getting out of the truck to approach him?

  • Rickenhouse

    there is alot of details not being told with this story it is really wierd how he knows all the small details of the color and it was a dress and type of truck i am sorry too but i have to agree with paula and marie with this one. Hopefully more will come out with this story

      • paula

        It sort of bittersweet because in the future that child is going to make it harder for other children that are telling the truth. I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right and so did Marie. I hope his parent find out why this child had to make up a story like this. It has to be a reason. He need help

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