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RVA has hottest day in two years Tuesday

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – How hot was it for you Tuesday? At Richmond International Airport (RIC), it was the hottest temperature in two years, to the date!

Officially, the high temperature for July 8, 2014 reached 100 degrees. This is the first time since July 8, 2012 RVA reached the triple-digits. Two years ago in 2012, the high was 103 degrees.


Plenty of sunshine and continued very warm southwest winds around an east coast high pressure supported this baking of central Virginia.

If you’re crying foul, the temperature last Summer did not officially surpass 96 degrees at Richmond International Airport in 2013. But that is one reporting station. You may have experienced 100-degree days last Summer elsewhere in the RVA Metro Area (especially in urban environments with less green space). However, the official weather records are kept at RIC for RVA.

Stay safe and cool!

Meteorologist Carrie Rose



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