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‘The smell of gas was everywhere,’ driver rescues trucker after I-95 crash

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – One driver suffered minor injuries after a tractor trailer overturned on I-95 north near Parham Rd. (mile marker 83) Monday morning.

The accident happened just before 7 a.m. Virginia State Police said a truck flipped after colliding with another tractor trailer. Worth Osgood saw the accident happen in front of his very eyes.

“The cab just shot to the left across the lane and flipped and just with that the trailer flipped too and it started to slide,” recounted Osgood.

Witnessing it all, Osgood said he decided to help the driver in the cab.

“I had to jump over a guard rail to get to him and at that point I┬áhad no idea what was waiting for me,” he said.

With fueling spilling all around him, Osgood said he yanked pieces of broken windshield from the cab of the truck and pulled the driver out to safety.

“I knew from the severity of that accident that guy was in potential peril,” Osgood said. “When someone is in potential peril, you have to do something.”

Scott Wise July 7, 20147:06 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20147:06 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20147:06 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20147:27 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20148:00 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20148:23 am

Scott Wise July 7, 20148:26 am

Scott Wise July 7, 201410:06 am

From VDOT: All lanes will be closed for approximately 5 minutes for cleanup. Expect delays.

Scott Wise July 7, 201410:10 am

From VDOT: The right and center lanes have reopened. A 1/2 mile backup remains.

Scott Wise July 7, 201411:10 am

From VDOT: All lanes have reopened. No backups remain.

Scott Wise July 7, 201412:59 pm

Jake Burns reported on the crash during CBS 6 News at Noon.


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