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Boy in custody after allegedly shooting dog in Brandermill

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A Chesterfield boy is in custody after police said he shot a dog a point-blank range Thursday afternoon.

It happened in the 13000 block of Thornridge Lane in Brandermill, which is  right off Hull Street Road and Old Hundred Road.

Police are not saying much since the suspect is a minor.

However, officials said we do know.

The boy and  an adult were arguing and  at some point, the juvenile shot a Rottweiler.

He ran from the scene but police later caught him about four miles away on Spring Gate Court.

CBS 6 News is waiting to find out exactly what charges the boy is facing.

Stay with CBS 6 News and for updates on this story.


  • Dawn

    Well they got the story wrong it wasn’t a Rottweiler, it was a pittbull who was very sweet and will be missed dearly. I’m so glad they caught him and I hope he gets the upmost punishment

    • Ron Melancon

      Dawn good comment but is this person going going to be charged and then get off easy? Or will a clear message be sent that you don’t do this. He left the area went home , loaded the weapon, went back to the public area and shot the dog point blank.
      Let me guess the parents are going to start a petition on line and blame the legal system?

  • Sarah

    This was my Niece’s sweet dog and this VERY young boy had no business on their property ,RIP sweet boy!!!

  • Dawn

    Well Ron he actually had the gun loaded when he went there. He didn’t leave and go home and load it. And yes I hope he does get charged and the message is very clear. This is definitely not the legal systems fault

    • Ron Melancon

      And we are worried about men waking around Cary Town with rifles exposed and we allow minors to walk around the neighborhood with a loaded weapon and walk up to a dog and shoot it point blank?

  • Hang 10

    Great example of the right to carry weapons…and what happens when they are in the wrong hands.

    • Ron Melancon

      Hang 10 good point. I ask if he is willing to do this to a dog at this age what will happen when he gets into an augment with a human when he may get cut off by accident on the roadway?

  • Lyssa

    This was my sweet puppy who lost his life to a cruel person. My house will never be the same. He was my baby & a 14 yr old boy who has no business having a gun took that away from me. Its sick. He was arguing with a family member and turned around, shot him and ran. Justice will be served!

  • Sean

    Pro gun folks, take good note of what happened here and ask yourself this question: Would this have happened if we had stricter gun distribution laws? We need to stop producing guns and start destroying guns, or else acts like this will only become more frequent. I believe in responsible gun ownership, but the reality is that humans are not always responsible. Stop living iin a dream world.

    • Sarah

      Sean, it’s your belief then that this 14 year old legally owned a gun? Not all “pro gun folks” are against better requirements for purchasing guns. I guess it’s your opinion then that if we had stricter gun distribution laws, no one who committed violent crimes like this would have a gun. That makes sense. People who commit violent crimes would NEVER obtain a gun in an illegal manner. My condolences to the family members of this sweet dog. I hope that this child does get the punishment he deserves for his crimes.

      • Sean

        Yes, it does make sense. If less guns were legally distributed then there would be less guns in the hands of people with criminal intent. This story is a perfect example of that. This kid likely wouldn’t have had access to a gun and wouldn’t had stupidly shot a neighbors dog. It’s simply statistics.

      • Sean

        Furthermore, you are using extremes to refute my argument. I never said that if guns were harder to access that there would be no more crime. I simply believe there would be LESS violent gun crime. Gun crimes are committed by folks with both legal and illegal firearms after all. It only seems logical that if there were a lower population of legal firearms in circulation, then there would be less crimes committed using legal firearms. Furthermore, any illegal firearm likely started its life as a legal firearm, therefore we would be addressing illegal firearm populations at the same time. What do you, or our society, have to gain by being against that?

  • Johnson

    you all are sick…..seem like you all care more about a dog then a person. we don’t know the hold situation so who are we to judge.

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