Teen hero hauls trash for 75-cents, donates thousands of dollars to Red Cross

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RICHMOND, Va. - Frank Barksdale the Third does not receive an allowance like many other children his age. The 16-year-old Trinity Episcopal junior has earned every penny in his pocket -- hauling garbage.

"My mom and dad told me if I wanted money I had to go out and make it," the 16-year-old entrepreneur said. "I had an idea a few years ago to start my own business and give back to the community and make a little pocket change."

Frank Barksdale III

Frank Barksdale III


Every Sunday, rain or shine, Frank pulls his neighbors' trash cans on Richmond’s Kensington Ave to the curb.

Fourteen customers pay 75 cents a week for Frank’s services. That is $10.50 in Frank's pocket.

"It definitely taught me that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and my own employer," Frank said.

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The soft-spoken teen does not blow through his earnings buying video games or the must-have sneakers. He donates a portion of his salary to the American Red Cross.

So far, Frank has donated $4,000 over of seven years.

"At the end of the year I decided I wanted to give back to the community," Frank said. "Whenever you saw disaster you always saw the Red Cross, so I decided to donate $100 of my earnings. And every year I decided to donate a little bit more."

Needless to say mother Antoinette Barksdale is proud of her son.

"It just warms my heart because that is him," Antoinette Barksdale. "He is a great kid. I really love him."

Frank Barksdale

Frank and his mother Antoinette

Antoinette said the trash business has taught her son a valuable lesson about commitment and responsibility.

"When you choose to do something and people are relying on you to do it. That you follow through,” she said.

Frank’s neighbors appreciate his hard work and generosity.

"My wife and I think the world would be a better place if there were more kids like Trey," one neighbor said.

Frank Barksdale the Third is a generous teen who earns his allowance the old fashioned way, and then gives back.

"He always puts other people before himself," Frank's father said. "He always thinks of other people before himself and he has done that since he was a little child."

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  • Jay

    Cool Kid!! Parents should be very proud. Love to see colleges pursue teenagers, with his spirit, for humanitarian and/or business scholarships!! I’d rather invest in him versus a talented athlete who does not have this kid’s world view.

    Great job Mr. and Ms. Barksdale!!

  • taxes

    nice! there are no jobs in richmond but i hope something good comes his way. stay in school and leave this dead end city

  • Genevieve M. Manfredo

    Young man you are a champion! I would love to have my son have a friend like you. Wonderful parent(s) set a positive expectation for you, great job mom.

  • Jen

    Thank you for doing this great story Greg! Frank is the best of the best! His service was EXCELLENT when we lived in the city! Miss it still!

  • Robbie

    This young man said that with hard work you can do whatever you want in this country. I hope he succeeds in what ever he chooses in life.

  • Roslyn Johnson

    Amazing story. This young man is destined for continued greatness. There are more stories like this that renew our faith in mankind. Thanks for covering.

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