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President Obama tops list of ‘worst presidents’ since World War Two

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Barack Obama tops the list of the worst presidents since World War Two, according to a new national poll. And the survey, released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, also indicates that a plurality of voters nationwide say in hindsight that the country would be better off if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 presidential election.

Thirty-three percent of people questioned in the poll say that Obama is the worst president since the Second World War, with 28% saying George W. Bush was the worst. Thirteen percent picked Richard Nixon, with 8% naming Jimmy Carter.

“Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President George W. Bush at the bottom of the popularity barrel,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

It’s important to note that Obama and Bush, his predecessor in the White House, are more in the public conscious than previous presidents, and that both have governed during a time of bitter partisanship that’s made compromise between the two major political parties extremely difficult. When Quinnipiac last asked the question, in 2006, Bush topped the list, with 34% saying he was the nation’s worst president.

According to the poll, Ronald Reagan (at 35%) tops the list of the best president since WWII, with 18% saying Bill Clinton was best, followed by John F. Kennedy at 15% and Obama at 8%.

Voters are divided on whether Obama’s been a better president than his predecessor, with 39% saying he’s better than Bush and 40% saying he’s worse. No surprise, there’s a wide partisan divide on this question.

Bush left office in January 2009 with very low poll numbers. But according to a recent CNN/ORC International survey, his favorable rating now stands at 46%, up 11 percentage points over the past five and a half years. His favorable rating, according to the CNN poll, is now on par with Obama.

Better off if Romney had won?

Forty-five percent of those questioned say that American would be better off if Romney had won the 2012 election, with 38% saying the country would be worse off. Again, it’s no surprise that 84% of Republicans say that America would be better if Romney had won and nearly three quarters of Democrats saying things would be worse.

By a 54%-44% margin, the survey indicates that the Obama administration is not competent in running the government.

The poll’s Wednesday release comes as the scandal rocking the Department of Veterans Affairs dominated headlines recently. It’s the latest controversy of the past year, following the NSA snooping scandal, the controversy over the IRS targeting of some conservative non-profit groups, and the rough rollout of the new federal health care law.

The President has also faced numerous international challenges, including the new bloodshed in Iraq, the civil war in Syria, and the fighting in Ukraine, as well as the controversial swapping of five Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay for the release of a U.S. soldier held captive in Afghanistan.

“This poll gives a window into the sentiment of Americans at the moment,” said CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, who said he suspects the numbers could change dramatically in four or five years.

The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted June 24-30, with 1,446 registered voters nationwide questioned by telephone. The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.


  • B Addy

    Most Americans already knew this , but it is surprising to see the media mention it. Even they can’t keep defending this joke.

    • John Galt

      Really I am just shocked that WTVR would actually report this poll. Instead of the sign above their door saying ” A CBS affiliate ” it should read ” An Obama affiliate ” WTVR is a mouthpiece of the democrat party . All of the scandals from the Obama regime that were going on during the so called Bridgegate Scandal …. WTVR was ignoring every single one of them and giving us hourly updates from N.J. on Bridgegate ….

      • taylor

        It will NEVER makes the nightly propaganda telecast.They can’t even bring themselves to put the D beside slime bag Morissey’s name LOL

  • airjackie

    This shows the intelligence of the American people to the World. We had a President who committed high crimes and about to be Impeached but quickly resigned before it was announced. The we had a US President convicted of War Crimes/Torture in Malaysia with pending charges in other countries. But this 7th biracial US President who has a little color is called the worse President since WW2 for stabilizing a deep Recession, ending a War, capturing Bin Laden, capturing the Benghazi bomber and finally finishing what Nixon started with a Universal Health care. Yes Obama is the worse but not for his job but because of his race and the people voting are the racist. We honor our pass biracial Presidents by putting them on US money and Eisenhower is hailed as a great Military President but had they let known their race they would be at the bottom too.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      Good argument, but your facts are a little off.
      -President Obama has not “stabilized” a recession. Have a read.
      -Bin Laden, while killed during his first term, was killed after being found with intel that goes directly back to the Bush admin. He was just sitting in the chair when it happened.
      -He has not created a “Universal Healthcare” plan. Look up what exactly a Universal Healthcare Plan is, then what exactly the Affordable Healthcare Plan is. While it is terrible, not working the way he promised and destine for failure. It is not Universal.
      In closing, don’t play the race card just because you made the wrong choice when voting for President. Just make up for it next time.

    • B Addy

      Jackie , Anyone qualified to hold the position would have had the economy “stabilized” years ago , Bin lauden was captured in spite of bin lyin , He allowed Benghazi to occur , and obamacare is nothing more than debacle of a tax passed with non stop lies. He is a world class liar that can speak well. Nothing more.

    • manalishi

      “This shows the intelligence of the American people to the World”. Well airwackie (paid partisan pundit/plant), your right on 1 part. the world knows that democrats scavengers will overwhelmingly vote for anyone that gives them promises, welfare, phones, and the communism that makes them feel better.

  • Ron Melancon

    He does not care. He’s got a pen and a phone and he our dictator in chief will do whatever he wants and will by pass congress and all the while he will have all his e mails disappear into thin air and the liberal media will lie to us and tell us every thing in America is great

  • Jay

    History will reverse this. He will be remembered as a great President in 10-15 years(you have listed some of the reasons)….Maybe, after Hillary’s second term.

  • kenny

    and they have buses of more dem voters being let in daily to assure as many illegal votes next go around.I bet anything more then half of the black voters even make it near a poll this time.Your free ride is coming to an end so enjoy

      • Ron Melancon

        I agree with x also the problem is the liberal media will not cover this story and the 30 second voter does not care. All they hear us the ” war in women” and us legal Americans who want us evil people to enforce our boarder to stop illegals from invading our country and becoming democratic voters

  • Robbie

    Sorry to disagree with the poll but my vote goes to W. I voted for every Republican candidate for president since Ford until Bush ran a second term. That man almost ruined this country. Obama has saved it from the brink of disaster. History will show that.

    • B Addy

      No Robbie, history will show exactly what this poll shows. This is the most woefully unqualified inept joke to hold the office of potus we have had in the modern era ,and possibly as “x” mentioned ,ever.
      Laughable to watch people try to defend this joke we have filling in for President.

    • Jim

      Obama is skating by just becasue we the people remember Bush, without that point of reference he would be considered the worst ever. I don’t know why we had to have two really bad Presidents in a row, but we have.

  • KG

    2016 can’t get here soon enough, I just hope there is still something left of America to work with. He is doing his best to destoy it before he leaves office. He’s done a good job of messing it up so far. What a life our children and grandchildren have to look forward to. It’s such a shame so many young men have died to preserve the Union only to have it brought down like this.

    • Kelly

      KG, you must been under a rock when Bush was in office. BUSH RUINED THIS COUNTRY!!!! That’s a fact!!!!

      • Jim

        Bush was a fool, okay we’ve agreed on that, but Obama is doing what he does on purpose. Obama has continued all of Bush’s mistakes and is adding his own.

  • Summer

    The same 33% were saying that his first day in office. Their hivemind wasn’t going to be changed either way.

  • Vastly Amused

    Go to see Our Dear Leader still has his zealots, ready to blame everything on racism or George W. Bush.
    Must be nice to be unable to deal with objective facts, to substitute your own little version of reality for the truth- I mean without having to break the drug laws to do so.

  • Vastly Amused

    Good to see Our Dear Leader still has his zealots, ready to blame everything on racism or George W. Bush.
    Must be nice to be unable to deal with objective facts, to substitute your own little version of reality for the truth- I mean without having to break the drug laws to do so.

  • Vastly Amused

    And it’s interesting- and pointless- to see the results of a 2006 poll. But since we’re talking polls- This is from a Gallup poll just released Monday:
    “The percentage of the public expressing confidence in the presidency now(29 percent) is lower than it was during both Bush’s (33 percent) and Bill Clinton’s (53 percent) sixth year in office.”

    • Kelly

      They must be asking only REPUBLICANS these poll questions because Bush was an incompetent a$$ hole who tore this country to pieces.!!!!

  • Kelly

    If President Obama was so bad as most of you people think, he would not have been in office twice……. and please do not say they cheated because that is a lie!!!

    • B Addy

      No Kelly , they didn’t cheat.
      They LIED.
      Oh I almost forgot and PANDERED their way with a lot of low info voters apparently like yourself. And following your “logic” Bush was in office twice as well.

    • manalishi

      Your right, it’s like the Springer show. Voting democrat makes people feel better than the chumps they vote for. It also makes them “feel” MUCH better than they really are.

  • Robbie

    We got 4 more years of Obama because the country was not going to elect another rich, out of touch white man. Who is the Republican party going to nominate this time…Sarah Palin and Glen Beck? Probably!

  • Mike

    Quinnipiac University? Ok, enough said. They are consistently off and are a republican supported school. Who did they ask? Obviously the poll was given to racist white people, and/or republicans. So this “national poll” makes perfect sense. By the way, where were all of these ‘worst president’ polls before Obama got elected?

    • B Addy

      You mean the “racist” white people that got him elected???
      You seem to be the racist.

      • Mike

        No, I mean the racist ones. You know, that small percentage of white people who they used for this ‘poll’. The ones who voted him in aren’t racist genius.

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