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Father of Joe Morrissey’s accused ‘hacker’ contemplates legal action

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO, Va. -- When Joe Morrissey spoke to reporters after his court hearing Tuesday, a deliberate expletive on live television wasn't the only thing dropped; the state delegate also dropped more than a few names.

Morrissey insisted one in particular is crucial to his defense.

But the accusation attached to that name has upset a Chesterfield woman's family;  her father suggested he was more than offended by Morrissey.

“I was very surprised,” Willie McKinney says about his daughter being named by Morrissey.

Morrissey claimed McKinney had a crush on the alleged victim in this case and wanted revenge.

Ten months ago, Delegate Morrissey said “I don't know what you're talking about," when asked whether he knew anything about a police investigation involving him and a 17-year-old girl.

Tuesday, after walking out of the very courthouse where he was indicted a day before for sex crimes involving that teenager who was employed at his law firm, Morrissey provided some details of the night CBS 6 first questioned him about.

"Two officers knocked on my door,” Morrissey said.  “I was clothed.  I invited them in the foyer area."

Morrissey said special prosecutor William Neely has a personal vendetta, claiming alleged text messages found had actually been placed there by a hacker.   Morrissey then read the obscene alleged text and named the woman he believes is responsible.

"OMG!  I just f**'d my boss!" Morrissey said on live television.

"[Name redacted] McKinney is key to this investigation. In December of 2013 Myrna and her friend Kayla were at the gym, planet fitness on Midlothian,” he continued.  “[Name redacted] came in and there was a loud heated argument that was captured with recording equipment. You could hear Myrna raising her voice, ‘How could you dare do that? Go into my phone?’  The other girl says in her own words that she hacked into the phone."

Willie Mckinney says Morrissey and everyone else will hear from his family soon.

"I'm not going to comment about what was said or what's happening. I’ve retained counsel. I just ask you to respect my family and our privacy," he said Tuesday night.

Morrissey remains out on a $50,000 bond.  He's charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor.  A trial date has not been set.


  • Joe

    Hacked into a phone eh? Oh Joe, if you can’t explain how something is done (phone hacking), then you likely shouldn’t suggest it as a defense method.

  • Joe

    Another one of the “GOOD old BOY’S got caught again!!! lets just keep electing these jerks! Wit his past he should have never been elected to any position. Now you wonder why the lawyers and judges and court system is so far out of line.

  • Robbie

    Norma jean is going to scold you boys for talking bad about her favorite politician. She likes ole Joe even though he has flipped his wig.

  • manalishi

    Although i cannot stand the punk,,,,,Has any of the primates here noticed that he gets indicted just before bringing suit against Jones over the stadium? Coincidence?

  • Vastly Amused

    Really? That’s the best you got? Somehow Jones knew months ago Joe was going to file suit against him (and what is the status of that, btw? Any actual paper been filed?) and set this entire thing up? Are you taking your meds?
    Hacking into a phone? Where did the young lady acquire the necessary skills? And since the phones have been in the possession of the police since the investigation started- when and how did Joe’s “expert” gain access to them to conduct the forensic tests necessary to determine such a thing happened? And who is this “expert”? And where is this “recording” of this argument Joe claims happened? Who can authenticate the recording – if it exists?
    HE enjoys the presumption of innocence, but he’s not helping his case by making such stupid claims. Unless, he’s setting up an “OJ” defense.

  • edrebber

    Morrissey should have kept his mouth shut. He has admitted that there was child pornography on his phone through these statements and has made the prosecutor’s job much easier. Morrissey is never going to get a recording admitted into evidence, because the chain of custody can not be verified.

    Also the cell phone company will have a record of the text messages and the geographic location they were sent from. Assuming a phone was hacked or cloned, there would still be a different electronic fingerprint recorded by the cell phone company. If Morrissey can’t produce a record of a second electronic fingerprint, his goose is cooked.

  • Xavier

    All sides need to produce proof, you can indict people and still not be correct in said indictment, it’s the evidence that has to prove out, whether Joe did it, or someone else in play. With all the stuff governments and people outside of government do, who knows what’s for sure.

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