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Who is gone and who is left? ‘Abrupt’ changes reported on The View

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK – Sherri Shepherd is leaving the daytime talk show “The View,” sources close to her told CNN on Thursday.

Producers and people close to Shepherd have known for months that she was ready to go, they said, adding that Shepherd kept the news quiet because she didn’t want to upstage or disrupt Barbara Walters’ retirement.

Co-host Walters bid farewell to “The View” last month, although she will still serve as the show’s executive producer.

One of the sources close to Shepherd said staff at “The View” learned about some “abrupt” changes Thursday. The source could not say what those changes are.

Jenny McCarthy, another co-host on the show, later tweeted: “If Sherri goes… I go too.”

She added: “My View will be changing too … Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.”


  • meredith

    That sad that they are leaveing the vrew evertime some one steps down someone else leves it will be sad to see both of these ladies go the vrew will not be the same again once they are gone they cant be replace on one on the vrew can be replace

  • diane

    Since Barbara left, I haven’t tuned in much….Love Whoopi..Jenny and Sheri —I could not handle the inane segments and conversations with them. Let’s see how they change things up.

  • Susan Halgren

    I am happy to see Jenny leave. The whole View now is pretty liberal without Elizabeth, thank goodness that Sheri was there to help balance it somewhat. I will miss her, she was pretty funny. Hopefully someone better will come in to replace Jenny and give all points of view a voice.

  • Sue

    Need to get another conservative view on there quickly. All you hear is liberals. I like Whoopi and hope she doesn’t leave but Sherri has had a chip on her shoulder racially ever since she got there. I don’t feel that with Whoopi at all.

    • Carol Henley

      so totally…………won’t miss Sherri…she makes EVERYTHING racial, even when it isn’t. She’s looking for big bucks now that she’s losing hubby, anyway. As for Jenny, she added some, but not intelligent enough in many areas. Big changes ahead………….or off the air totally……….The View may have run it’s end.

  • karen

    Yay! McCarthy’s voice is annoying & am sick of hearing about reality shows! Whoopie is great, the only reason I still watch the show.

  • Alexandra

    Please let’s bring back smart people to The View. Whoopee is a good start (as is getting rid of Jenny), but the show used to be about strong, smart opinion-makers, not random minor celebs. Respect the intelligence of the women who watch the show.

  • mona

    I agree with most of the comments above. I’m glad to see Sherri and Jenny gone. And I watched because of the hot topics and liked the debates among them. But, it really got dumbed down. Yes! Bring back some intelligence to the show.

  • LLindsey

    VERY GLAD TO to see Sherri and Jenny going got so tired of everything having to have a black side. they were always looking to point the finger at white people trying to say that was a reason for their black problems. Let’s face it it’s a world problem not just blacks verses whites. Enough with that Sherri!!! GLAD TO SAY GOOD RIDDANCE.

  • Gladys

    It when down when Barbara Walters left. Sherri/and Jenny did not have it. It was boring. I am glad that they are living.

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