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85-year-old woman convicted of assaulting infant

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR) - William Lynchesky is still in shock about his next door neighbor of ten years.

"The shock from that is ridiculous," he said.

Evelyn Faye Pillow was convicted of assaulting an infant she was babysitting for last year. The 85-year-old Henrico woman admitted in court Friday that there's enough evidence to convict her, without admitting guilt.

"I think that something else was in play before this occurred," said Lynchesky. I don't think all the information was given forth."

Medical experts had planned to show that the infant had signs of shaken baby syndrome. When the child became unresponsive last year, Pillow called the family of the baby and 911.

Pillow was sentenced to 12 months behind bars with all 12 months suspended.

CBS 6 asked legal expert Todd Stone if that punishment was typical for this kind of crime.

"Usually with shaken baby cases you see the tragic ending where the baby actually dies and here the baby recovered and I think that made a huge difference," said Stone.

The conviction has shocked several neighbors living on Pillow's street.

"That's just disheartening," said one neighbor.

Lynchesky still said that something just doesn't add up.
"She watched my child for about for years straight and she still sees my daughter whenever we can," he said.
Lynchesky said he never had any suspicions of Pillow, describing his neighbor as caring.

"Very well kept, very polite," he said.

He said despite the controversy, he's sticking by his neighbor's side.

"She's a good woman and I think that something like this might have been a mistake or something bad could have happened prior that we don't know," he said.


  • Christina Lynchesky

    Thank you for getting out there looking for the true story. This “case” is truly bogus. These people should be ashamed of themselves for ruining her life. I hope she can find the strength to recover.

    • BO

      My mistake,I read it wrong.I still would’nt call the cops unless there was true harm which it was’nt just speculation.

  • legallyblonde2004

    I have to admit, an 85 year old as a baby sitter doesn’t sound like a good idea. Age can derail good judgment and some at that age can’t drive, walk well. I think there is more to this story that we don’t see.

  • Mary Anne Lange

    As a member of the “shaken baby’s” family, I would like Channel 6 to tell me why it was news-worthy to interview anyone who has not is Ms. Pillow’s house when our precious four month old was injured? Any good news organization would have researched the court documents first and seen where the judge found the evidence “overwhelming” that Ms. Pillow did exactly what was in the indictment. Do you not understand the added pain we feel when people are pointing their fingers back at us? Not one of us wishes any harm to Ms. Pillow but she was given a chance in court to apologize for the trauma our baby went through and the humbling experience of having our family gone over with a fine toothed comb where the authorities found that not one person in my family had anything to do with the injuries. This was very careless reporting on the part of Channel 6.

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