30,000 bees take over Williamsburg bakery

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – An estimated 30,000 bees were discovered buzzing around the floorboards and ceiling of a building that houses a Williamsburg bakery.

The bee-vasion got so bad this week, Cakes by Tawanda owner Tawanda Hammond temporarily closed her shop.

She said she always assumed the bees came from outside the WHRO building on Richmond Road. She said she had no idea the bees were living inside the building.

“I had a customer come in and ask me do I know where they could buy local honey. Little did I know, they could have tapped into my ceiling and got some,” Hammond told WTKR.com.

A beekeeper hired to take care of the bees said the hive was likely four years old.

The honey bees are considered endangered, so the beekeeper planned to gather and relocate the bees this week.