GRAPHIC: Man goes on profanity-laced tirade after police kill his dog

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Warning: Some content in this video may not be appropriate for all audiences.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – After a police officer shot and killed his Weimaraner named Geist, a Salt Lake City man went on a profanity-laced tirade questioning police about the shooting, according to a report on

Dog owner Sean Kendall posted the nine-minute clip on his Facebook page.

“He was inside the backyard in a fenced in area,” Kendall said in the clip. “What was the cause for an officer to shoot and kill my dog?”

When he confronted officers and demanded answers, police on scene said the officer entered Kendall’s property to look for a lost child. They said the officer felt threatened by the animal.

“Backing up slowly and leaving the residence is not an option?” Kendall asked. “Is that against policy, is that against training?”

Police offered to give Kendall a case number and listened patiently as the grieving man spoke.

The Humane Society of Utah will hold a “Justice for Geist Rally” this weekend in Salt Lake City.


  • rusty

    There exists zero accountability for cops and most police departments will only hire people of below average intelligence with violent tempers (half of them are ‘roided out to boot). Cops escalate crisis situations and jump at any excuse to murder humans and animals alike, especially if they think they are being “disrespected.” I’ve know a handful of decent cops, but most are corrupt, dishonest, violent thugs.

  • missrightforus

    Would be interesting to hear a response from the police. I am sorry for him losing his dog…they are just like family.

  • Tom Johnson

    In another time, shooting a man’s dog got you buried in an unmarked grave. The police need to wise up quick because there are crazy people with guns, ready to avenge their companion animals.

  • Robin Lippy

    Time for our police forces to be held accountable for every animal they kill. This bully aka cop needs to be fired and charged for the killing.

  • John R Herrera

    After watching this video it just breaks my heart for this owner. Dogs are children to owners. This case was completely unwarranted and avoidable. Police need to be retrained. My condolences to the owner. Shame on the officer.

  • Edward Pope (@RFRStormer)

    I am sorry about his loss, but the police were searching for a missing child. The dog, and the police were simply doing there duties. It is sad that the decision made was not a good one, however the policeman did not know if the child was present and possibly under attack by the dog.

    • BO

      Nice try but there would have been a screaming kid then it would have been justified.No kid no justification.cops are trained and given weapons pepper spray batons and supposedly know how to use them.shooting was uncalled for and the PD needs to start firing them.Retraining is a joke at the public’s expense.

  • Sarah

    As I watched this video it left me in utterly paralyzing numbness. That “furbaby” was doing absolutely nothing NOTHING wrong but spending the afternoon where he was placed by a loving responsible owner. This “police” officer went way beyond his scope of what was considered justice. My prays are with you Sean. May you receive some form of justice for your loss.

  • Sam

    1. Why did the police not search the entire home of the missing child before entending their search efforts?
    2. Why did the cop not look in the fenced in backyard before entering the fence for signs of an animal or the child?
    3. I highly doubt that if a 3 year old child did open a gate to go in a fenced in yard that it would have shut the gate behind him/her.
    4. Cops have tasers! Why didn’t this cop just grab his taser gun and stun the dog with that instead of killing it!
    This could have been prevented had the cop had any common sense what so ever! Also, I want to know what the dog actually did that they call “aggressive behavior”. The only reason for that cop to have needed to shoot that dog would be if it was charging at him. If all the dog did was growl and bark while standing still then the cop should have never fired his weapon. As much as situations like this have happened lately all cops everywhere should have to take a class on how to deal with dogs while out in the field.

  • Phil Riggin

    CBS6…. Wow, what an inflamatory headline for you to post….. The Police just invaded his property and SHOT IS DOG IN THE HEAD!…. of course his comments were profanity ridden. So much for unbiased reporting. Wow… what kiss butt reporting on your part.

  • David

    Unfortunately, there are too many police officers out there just itching to shoot something. Or, the police officer who shot the dog was just a wimp in a uniform. Perhaps both. I am curious, however, about the circumstances surrounding the missing child. Seems like a good reason to be searching back yards (perhaps an excuse that is a little suspect) but absent evidence of the child in danger or the officer actually attacked and in fear of their life or great bodily harm, absolutely no reason to shoot the dog. I pray that the child was found safe and unharmed and my heart goes out to the owner of dog. All said, I feel he handled himself with dignity and respect. Kill my dog in a like manner and see what reaction you receive.

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