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Man filmed hiring hit man to kill girlfriend’s husband

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PETERSBURG, Va.  - A Petersburg man plead guilty to two counts of solicitation of capital murder.

Shannon Crane attempted to hire a hit man to kill two people last year, according to Senior Assistant Petersburg Commonwealth's Attorney Kenneth Blalock.

In video used as evidence, Crane met up with someone who he thought was a hit man at a Petersburg Hardee's. That meeting happened in November.

Blalock said Crane wanted to hire someone to kill both his girlfriend's husband and his niece's boyfriend. When someone got word of the plan, they tipped off police and an undercover officer started communicating with Crane.

"During the course of those conversations that the police recorded, Mr. Crane talked about how he wanted people killed," Blalock said.


Shannon Crane (PHOTO: Petersburg Police)

In the video recorded by the undercover officer, you can hear Crane go into graphic detail.

"I want you to put him in so much f***ing pain that he's never felt before," Crane said.

Crane also described how he wanted one of the men killed.

"I want you to take something, literally every teeth, tooth in his mouth," he said.

Crane can also be heard offering the undercover officer $1,000 for each person he wanted killed.

"Whether I gotta send it by mail or you want me to meet someone else, whatever, then I'll meet them and give you the money," he said.

Crane was arrested the same day the video was recorded.

"I never thought someone so close to me could have planned something like that,"  neighbor Danyel Clampit said.


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