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Why mosquitoes nibble you more than others

RICHMOND, Va.  — According to the Smithsonian, 85% of the reason mosquitoes bite some people more than others can be blamed on your genes.

Your blood type might be the reason pesky mosquitoes target you. One study found mosquitoes landed on people with Type-O blood nearly twice as often as people with Type-A blood. Mosquitoes like those with Type-B blood somewhere in between the other two.

skitos tips

Mosquitoes find pregnant women and those who regularly work out more attractive because of a higher body temperature.

Also, scientists haven’t yet figured out why yet, but drinking apparently heightens your appeal for mosquitoes, too.

Lastly, what you wear might have something to do with it. The Smithsonian says mosquitoes are also drawn to people who wear dark colors because mosquitoes use vision and scent to locate their “meal” — YOU!


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