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Virginia National Guard soldiers headed to Kuwait

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- Dozens of Virginia National Guard soldiers are on their way to Kuwait.

Friends and family joined governor Terry McAuliffe and other state and military leaders in Virginia Beach Sunday to send off about 70 soldiers. Those children are going to miss their daddies.

The soldiers are based at Camp Pendleton and will be in Kuwait for a 12-month deployment as part of operation Enduring Freedom.

They will stop at Fort Hood in Texas for training before heading to the Middle East.


  • R Moffett

    As a former ten-year member of the VaARNG, I am extremely appreciative and deeply grateful for the tremendous sacrifices made by these soldiers and their families – and by every member of the military. It saddens me, tremendously, however to see the excessive politicization of the DOD, including top flag and general officers, and our supposed leaders in Washington which has led to the waste and abuse of the lives of these brave patriots through deploying them in wars our “leaders” lack the will to win and by trading five known terrorists for a soldier known by his colleagues to have deserted, in a time of war, in the face of the enemy, not to mention the VA debacle. Every single member of the military deserves much better than our government provides and we concerned civilians must demand at the polls that they get it!. Far too many in “leadership” positions have never worn the Uniform of the United States a single day.

    • Troll

      Politicize is what politicians do. You, however, have no excuse for politicizing using real warriors. Disgusting.

  • Gerry

    Good luck guys. I wonder if they will end up in prep camps such as Camp Boring and camp Liberty? Do those even exist any more?

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