How do we treat the animals we eat?

RICHMOND, Va - Gene Baur, the man TIME Magazine calls "the conscience of the food movement" is an animal activists in the world, a best-selling author, and President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary, America's leading farm animal protection organization. Gene will be a speaker at this year's Richmond Vegetarian Festival on Saturday, June 21st in the Azalea Gardens at Bryan Park. Gene is scheduled to speak at 3pm.  CBS 6 Meteorologist Mike Goldberg will serve as the event’s Emcee. For event information, visit and to learn more about Gene visit


  • buzz

    Once a cow is dead I prefer grilled with spices, rubs bbq sauce, you name it as ling as my meat is not burnt. Chicken? fried, grilled. doesn’t matter. I support PETA. People eating tasty animals

  • cohanseybob

    I hope animal activists aren’t accusing meat processors of treating animals like some kind of meat. I heard the animals get fed real well and to go to market. Maybe the farmer’s could show them movies. That would be a treat!

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