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“Hot Convict” speaks out about recent internet fame

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STOCKTON, Ca. (CNN) --Apparently, it's not always what's on the inside that counts for some. A convicted felon in California is getting a lot of love online for his model-esque looks.

Jeremy Meeks (PHOTO: Stockton Police)

Jeremy Meeks (PHOTO: Stockton Police)

Jeremy Meeks was arrested with three other suspects in a gang-round up Wednesday. Stockton Police worked hard for the arrests, but aren't getting the attention they expected.

Police posted about the arrest online, including Meeks' mugshot. Now, the convicted felon's new mugshot has a lot of women swooning over his looks.

"I just visited my wife, she said it blew up all over Facebook."

More than 24,000 likes and 6,000 comments have littered the post on the Stockton Police page.

Meeks didn't understand why the post got so big. When the CNN reporter who interviewed him informed him, Meeks was humbly surprised.

"Well? I appreciate it," Meeks said. "But I just want them to know that this is really not me -- I'm not some kingpin."

Meeks said the only reason he agreed to an interview was to be able to tell people his side of the story. Meeks implored that even though he's being charged with street terrorism, he is no longer a gangster.

The Stockton Police Department has also noticed what's happening online and is reminding people Jeremy is a felon, allegedly caught with a gun and has spent 9 years in prison for grand theft.

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  • charles

    Hot or not he will hurt or he would not be under such a high bond. Playing with him is like playing with fire. Common sense tells me he is headed for the Bonny and Clyde treatment. He cannot help himself. He is damaged cute or not he is the same as all the other people in his kind of trouble. Check his life and you see he has used people and screwed them with no intention of being a human who cares.

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