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Child sexually assaulted at Spotsylvania County campground; suspect in custody

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SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Police have arrested a man for allegedly sexually assaulting a child at the Indian Acres campground in Spotsylvania County.

Spotsylvania County Deputies responded to a 911 call to the campground on June 15, when the incident occurred. The campground is located in the 6400 block of Morris Road.

Edward Alsop, 49, of Spotsylvania. (PHOTO: Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office)

Edward Alsop, 49, of Spotsylvania. (PHOTO: Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office)

The caller reported that his seven-year-old son was sexually attacked by an unknown male. The suspect was reportedly armed with a knife in the bathroom on the campground, near where the victim's family had been camping for the weekend.

The victim and his brother provided a detailed description of the suspect's clothes and vehicle. Officials were able to match the description to a truck seen on campground footage. The driver of the truck was identified as Edward Alsop, 49, of Spotsylvania.

Security from Indian Acres had already begun canvassing the area by setting up a perimeter and checking all vehicles coming and going from the main entrance and exit of the campground. Deputies and detectives from Spotsylvania County Sheriff's office assisted by sweeping the area, looking for a vehicle that matched a description given by the victim and his brother and conducting a forensic examination of the scene.

Alsop was located by detectives on the campground Friday. Alsop was still wearing the same clothes as the victim's description, and was armed with a knife that was also included in the description.

Alsop was charged with felony Aggravated Sexual Battery and misdemeanor Assault and Battery.  He was ordered held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail with no bond.



  • Felicia Mason

    I used to go to Indian Acres every summer since I was two years old…my parents sold it our lot about five years ago because the area had changed so much….I am 46 and wish those kids could have the same free summers we had.

  • Glen Allen

    He was “still” wearing the same clothes? What a gross pig, not to mention what he is said to have done. If found guilty, please put the pig to sleep. Thank you.

    • Marci LaBrie

      I used to have pet pigs…they were smart, clean, well behaved and easily trained to have proper social manners. while I agree totally with your sentiments, and not wanting to act like those easily offended by anything anyone else says…I must point out that your response does pigs a great injustice by the comparison.

    • J

      Putting him to sleep costs too much as does keeping them locked up. Use good ole fashion justice…not gonna use specifics.

  • C

    No one knows the facts. Most of you act as if you were there yourself or know this individual personally. This man’s life may be ruined because of a lie or mistaken identity. It is not unheard of for something like this to turn out to be false. In fact, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Once the facts are fully presented, then make your judgements. It is too early to make such disgusting comments about this case.

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