Couple forced to sell riverfront mansion, classic car collection

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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va.  – A New Kent County mansion and the owners’ cache of classic cars are headed to the auction block.

The nearly 10,000-square-foot home on the Chickahominy River and 10 to 12 cars — possibly including a 1968 Mustang and several older Corvettes — are up for grabs as part of a court-ordered division of the owners’ assets.

The riverfront mansion and its owners’ car collection are set to be auctioned. (PHOTO: Tranzon)

The riverfront mansion and its owners’ car collection are set to be auctioned. (PHOTO: Tranzon)

The auction for the property will be on June 24 at the mansion, 201 Four Islands Trail in Lanexa (about 40 miles outside of Richmond). The owners are Bruce and Kathy Evers, according to county records.

Tranzon is handling the auction of the real estate. A separate online auction through will be scheduled to sell the cars.

The riverfront home sits on a 1.8-acre lot in The Colonies subdivision and has an assessed value of $1.2 million, said Linda Terry, the Tranzon auctioneer handling the sale. The owners say it is now about 12,000 square feet after upgrades, Terry said. It was built in 1997.

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  • todd

    um forced to sell why ,maybe because they didn’t pay for it?Thats not forced to sell,that would be can’t pay your debt and have to sell.good try though wtvr

  • mimi wilkinson

    ” are up for grabs as part of a court-ordered division of the owners’ assets.” Maybe they are divorcing?

      • Renee Finster

        obbie ~ I just saw a house go for 300,000.00 that was worth at min 1.2 according to the appraisal. It was built in 1745, has a dumb waiter and a house in the back that renters are in now. The basement has since been deepened so that you can walk down there and the old floor was removed which was made of the old ballast stones from a sailing ship from Europe. Those ballast stones now make up the walkway to the front of the house. Has a cute bell tower, the main house itself is 3824 square feet with 6-7 bedrooms. I think it is on 2-3 acres, again the couple divorced… so sad to see things like this happen. I am curious to see what happens with this new home… History vs. Modern… just curious to see what it ends up going for… ;) I would be more interested in the 68 mustang!! But I have seen another house that was 16,000 sqft a little over a mil and a half go for 400,000.00. People get their butts handed to them in settlements like this, and someone makes out like a bandit! I would like to be a bandit just once ;)

  • mle

    With a house that expensive, you’d think the could afford better landscaping. The front looks like a jungle.

  • Gerry

    There must be a whole bunch of reporters sitting at home staring at screens trying to write a story to sell. I wonder how much WTVR is paying?

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