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Sister: Missing Chesterfield mother would never leave without 4-year-old son

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- There is still no sign of a missing Chesterfield mother and nurse, who was last seen leaving work Friday afternoon.

Thursday night her sister told CBS 6 exclusively that there's no way Zulma Pabon would just up and leave without taking her four-year-old son.

Maureik Goode said last Thursday was the last time he saw her in person after working out at the gym. However, he said he exchanged texts with the 26-year-old Pabon Friday night because he and a group of friends had planned to hang out with her.

Goode said she was waiting for the father of her four-year-old to get home. But at 9:35, Goode got a text that said, "He won't be back for a while." He sent follow-up texts but he said Pabon never replied.

"It's not common for her not to reply,” Goode said. “Things aren't panning out right. It seems suspicious. It's not like her to cut off ties to her friends and family and leave behind her son."

Pabon's sister Yalitza Soba said she also thought it was very strange her sister hadn't returned her texts and Facebook messages. Soba grew more concerned when she got a call from her younger sister’s workplace saying she missed a 10 a.m. interview.

"I learned from her co-workers about her disappearance," Soba said by telephone Thursday. "For her not to contact me, my mother or my father is not normal. We are a very close family."

The nurse’s car, a white Nissan Altima has also vanished.

Pabon lives in a condo-style home off Terrace Arbor Circle with the father of that four-year-old. Neighbors also said they haven't seen her since last week.

As the hours turn into days, those who knew Pabon best are slipping into panic mode.

"We are all very concerned for her and wish her a safe return home,” said a family friend, Christian Galanti. “Zulma, if you can hear us out there, please let us know you're OK."

Chesterfield police said there is no history of domestic calls at the address and no indication that Pabon has ever disappeared before.


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