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Virginia Physicians For Women

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Virginia Physicians For Women is staffed by specialists in all aspects of women’s medicine, including gynecology, and obstetrics.  They have six convenient locations in Henrico, Innsbrook, St. Francis, St. Mary’s and Midlothian.  To reach these offices call 804-897-2100, and  to reach the Colonial Heights location call 804-5420-0205 or Toll-Free at 800-421-3368.  Learn more about their upcoming adolescent gynecology seminar series beginning July 28th at the Innsbrook location and July 31 at the Midlothian location at www.vpfw.com.


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  • Jesse Calvin

    My son is 32 years old and the doctors who originally started this practice delivered him. I went to this clinic from that day froward for all of my female needs but several years ago I fell on hard times and had to file bankruptcy and I received a letter in the mail stating that they no longer wanted me as a patient. All of this time I thought they were a practice concerned for women’s health but apparently I was wrong. All they were really concerned about was my ability to pay. After the bankruptcy they came after me again for the now 9 yr old bill that was included in the bankruptcy but not dismissed. In course of all of this I have found out they billed my insurance company with the wrong code which is why the bill was not paid in the first place 9 yrs ago. They billed the insurance company according to their notes which says I had my surgery for one reason and their notes are not correct. The reason they used for my surgery to bill the insurance co is NOT the reason that was discussed between my doctor and myself. If their notes are correct It appears to me now that I had an unnecessary surgery and was grossly misled and uninformed.

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