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Dad shoots, kills man who held gun to teen daughter’s head

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. LOUIS — An attempted home invasion turned into a shooting investigation after a man shot two men, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition, as they held his daughter at gunpoint and tried to get inside the family’s home.

KTVI reports the shootings happened around 11 p.m. Monday.

A 17-year-old girl was outside getting something from her car when she was confronted by two armed men who held a gun to her head and told her to return to her home.

The girl’s father saw the suspects walking his daughter toward the home and went to get his gun. He fired several shots at the suspects, hitting both of them.

The girl’s mother also grabbed a gun and fired a round but did not hit either suspect.

The first suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second suspect ran away, got into the first suspect’s car and contacted his brother to take him to the hospital. He is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the chest and both thighs. Police say he will face charges.

No one in the home was injured.


    • Nikkiseee

      I would say this is VERY FAR from a great story and a happy ending, one person dead, one in critical condition, and 3 others potentially traumatized…I would reevaluate your definition of “great”

      • orlando

        You are right in a perfect world things like this would not happen but in the real world bad guy dead and the other in the hospital is better than home invasion and family found dead.

      • Raymond

        What “great” ending would you have wanted to see out of this story? Two men hold a 17 year old girl at gun point with both parents inside the house. I don’t know how this ISN’T a great story. The two criminals got what they deserved.

      • athynz

        Let’s see – innocent family members fine; one thief and kidnapper dead; the other thief and kidnapper critically injured – yup, that is a great ending. The thugs took their chance and lost.

      • Whitey

        If I looked up “great” in the dictionary this would be the definition. I hope you get robbed at gunpoint you bleeding heart moron.

  • angel2

    Agreed, Mana. Thank God the dad was in the right place at the right time…and had a gun. Makes me wonder, thought….was that gun just lying nearby?

    • Miguel

      Where do you keep YOUR gun? Most gun owners keep theirs accessible yet in a safe location, especially if they know the neighborhood is capable of producing scumbags at any time. if it is not accessible, you may not have time to access it. In this case, I would say that the stray bullet was from the wife, who probably should not have had access to a weapon if she cannot aim better than that. Notice that in the quick timing of the situation, both suspects were shot, so I assume that was the father (per the story) who was efficient with his aim. The wife most likely grabbed a 2nd one stored where the first one was, after her husband grabbed the first one, probably thinking she would help, but it seems like she did not succeed as possibly intended.

  • Frank Smith

    Happy ending indeed. Regretfully, these kind of douchb*gs don’t read and don’t know there are people with guns who will gladly kill them when they try to kidnap one’s daughter.

  • Tonya

    Why is he being charged? He did the right thing. They should have kept their stupid a**es off of that man’s property. They won’t be going to nobody else house. Good for you dad!!!

  • gris

    The way it reads it’s the one that got shot is being charged, because the dad acted in self defense!

  • Cory Raymer

    This is the way they should all end. I hope the POS in critical condition doesn’t make it to face charges.

    • GunOwner

      Yeah, it sounds like that would be you. Obviously you fall into the camp of “I get all my gun and tactical training from Hollywood”. Moving targets under stress with a gun on both ends isn’t the same as shooting a paper target.

  • AJ

    They’re lucky to have in Missouri rather than Maryland; where a man is standing trial on 2nd degree murder charges for shooting an intruder who busted his door in at 2am. The prosecutor says he should have called 911…

    • John

      The difference is that you do not have the legal right to defend your personal property by deadly force, but you do have the right to defend your life or the life of another by deadly force if necessary. Someone threatening to steal personal property is not the same as someone threatening to kill someone, and should not be treated the same under the law.

      • Larry

        You do have the right to defend yourself and your property in most states. If someone kicks in your door at two in the morning you can be assured that their intent isn’t good. How was the homeowner certain that the perp wouldn’t harm him? Does he have to wait till the perp robs him blind to be sure that the perp wouldn’t harm him? That is why they have “castle” laws in certain states.

    • Leo Quinlan

      I used to live in MD. A man that worked for me didn’t show up for work one day because he shot a thief in his living room holding a pillow case full of his stuff. Shot him one time and killed him, my friend was held and questioned for 3 days. Lost his regestered weapon and was charged with 2nd degree murder! He was found not guilty but the thiefs family sued and won a civil case. Ruined my friends life, they garnished his military retirement almost 60% and he wound up drinking himself to death over that Scumbag!

  • B Addy

    Why is this story not on the front page? The anti gun crowd jumped all over the Las Vegas story and chastised the man with a cc permit that was killed trying to help. This type of scenario plays out more often when people do not wait on others to defend themselves and family.
    Good Job!

  • Karen Rinker

    So glad the Dad was there!!! Glad his gun was close by.Everyone should be able to respond in a timely fashion,This could have easily been the other way around!!!!!

  • princess530

    Please someone give this man a much needed award for a job well done. Should not have been out robbing and his sorry tail would still be alive. Well he want ever rob anyone again now will he?

  • Hunter Gillis

    he should shot in the bean bags, but obviously these two losers don’t have any that why the put a gun to a teenage girls head, waht a way to bring in fathers day weekend

  • jason

    Perfect example of self defense and using firearms to protect your loved ones from criminals!
    Second amendment rights exercised legally and lawfully.

  • Mark

    Obama this is why we need our GUNS!!! to keep your people away from trying take our lives and our valuable things!

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