Marty Cobb murder suspect Mairese Washington will be tried as an adult

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RICHMOND, Va. -- During a preliminary hearing Monday, a Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge ruled the alleged killer of Marty Cobb will be tried as an adult.

This case hearing came 40 days after eight-year-old Marty Cobb was beaten to death near his South Richmond home; relatives said he was defending his sister.

The 16-year-old male suspect Mairese Jershon Washington will face second-degree murder charges.  Previously CBS 6 did not name Washington as the suspect, per the station policy regarding the anonymity of juveniles.

The judge said Monday that there was a lack of evidence of pre-meditation to sustain first-degree murder charges. Washington will also face strangulation and malicious wounding charges.

Cobb was killed allegedly protecting his 12-year old sister from Washington's attack.  Washington was arrested two days later in connection with the homicide and attack on Brandon Road.

Originally police were told the person who assaulted Marty and his 12-year-old sister was an “adult white male with scraggly facial hair.”

But during the course of the police investigation, that description changed to a teenage black male.

Police said the surviving victim, Cobb's sister, was “threatened and intimidated by the suspect” into initially giving inaccurate information.

A Richmond mother showed CBS 6 court documents that show Washington was charged with malicious wounding after he attacked her son with a hammer, back in 2010.

“He’s sick,” said Richmond mother of two children, Heather Arrington.

Arrington told CBS 6 that the teen lived nearby and lured her son, then three-years-old into another home and viciously beat him.

She said her son, Malachi Sottile, age seven, physically recovered from the attack, but said he’s had frequent nightmares ever since then.

There is a gag order on this current case.

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  • Clayton Bigsby

    Let’s give him a second chance by treating him as a juvenile. I’m sure if given a chance he’ll make something of himself. Like a career felon who steals and will kill again. Someone else should die first before we cast judgement. Eric Holder wouldnt approve of a vicious murderer being condemned, unless of course he was white. Then it would be a hate crime that would be prosecuted with zero tolerance.

  • Gail

    His worthless behind SHOULD be tried as an adult! He committed an adult crime therefore he should be treated as an adult. If he thought he was adult enough to commit a rape & a murder then he should be adult enough to suffer the consequences of his crime!! The child that he raped & the child that he killed & their family are having to suffer the consequences of his actions so he should have to face consequences too!!

  • Frank Smith

    Yes, this thing is not capable of being rehabilitated. Lock him away, and let him enjoy the violence of the corrections system for thirty or forty years.

  • Becky

    Odd, someone had the presence of mind to seek mental health services before he was even arrested. No charges for rape or attempted rape. No charges or notice of the known Richmond
    DSS dysfunctional system allowed from 2009-to present, or the court ordered treatment, that all
    failed, with dire consequences.

  • Gail

    Good!! Hopefully he’s convicted & sent to prison to suffer the same atrocities he inflicted on these poor children!!

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