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Strong Families Create Strong Foundations For Children

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Smart Beginnings is an initiative that creates community commitment to the school readiness of young children.  They help local communities deliver on ensuring conditions for a strong, healthy start for young children and their families.  Kathy Glazer and Dr. Sandy Treadway tell us about their ‘Smart Beginnings Start with Families’ Campaign that started on May 11th and ends on June 15th.  For more information visit them online at


  • Ron Melancon

    We know this already!! Then why does our government advocate broken homes by giving endless welfare and food stamps!!! And what is worse they keep having more out of wedlock

  • Ron Melancon

    It is so hard to raise a family today. I came from a broken home the difference I was the oldest do guess who stepped in to fill in the role???! I did!!! I cooked helped In homework ect
    But today the oldest does not help all they do is listen on the I pod

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