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Official: Family feud may have prompted parent to attack 9-year-old with hammer at school

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OAKLAND, Calif. — A woman is accused of attacking a third-grade girl with a hammer in an elementary school bathroom in Oakland, California.

Officials said they arrested Haseemah Diame, a parent and volunteer at Lafayette Elementary School Friday afternoon.

A district spokesman Troy Flint said Diame, the mother of a student at the school, was a frequent visitor on campus who was recognizable to both students and staff.

“She was able to lure this other girl away from the play-yard during recess into an adjacent bathroom there by the school, once in the bathroom, Diame proceeded to assault the girl with a hammer,” Flint told KPIX.

The attack was discovered when a teacher and school security guard checked the bathroom for the student.

Diame, who was detained at the scene and arrested by police, is expected to face assault with a deadly weapon charges.

The girl had serious injuries and was hospitalized, but was conscious after the attack and is expected to recover.

Flint said information on the motive for the attack remains “speculative.” However, he said it appears it may be the result of a feud between families at the school.


      • vastly amused

        No, the child is alive because the police found her in time. She’s injured because a human being chose to take up a blunt instrument and attack her. It’s not the tool’s fault, and her survival is not due to the nature of the weapon used; to claim otherwise is bluntly foolish, and pure speculation.
        That being said, the “hammer registry” comment was pointless, and dumb.

  • Robin Zachery

    School isn’t the problem. Stupid people is the problem and the world is feeding them the stupid with it’s evil ways, drugs, bad chemicals in the food (GMO’s), and a lack of paying attention~!

  • Andi Fisher

    Please do not attribute crime from other cities to Oakland. This is NOT Oakland. This is Lafayette. Different country entirely: Contra Costa County. I do not want to speculate about the prejudices which caused this mistake.

    • Cass

      The school is in Oakland. The name of the school is Layfayette. It is in West Oakland on Market Street.

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