Thousands honor Cameron Gallagher, will ‘Speak Up’ about teen depression

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RICHMOND, Va.  - Starting a 5k called "Speak Up" to help raise awareness for teen depression was an idea that meant the world to Cameron Gallagher.

"She would be up for hours just planning this, writing speeches," Reilly Gallagher, the teenager's sister, said.

Cameron's father said she had been frustrated with a negative social stigma associated with teenage depression, and wanted to change that.

“It [depression] was something that she lived with and every day it  was in her,” David Gallagher said. “It really frustrated her that that would be frowned upon or you might be looked at as weird because you suffered from depression.”

However, the teen died earlier this year after running a half-marathon in Virginia Beach. Now, Cameron's family and friends are finishing what she started.

"This is the only thing I've been motivated for ever since she passed," said brother Andrew Gallagher. "This was her dream."

A kick-off event was held on Saturday to help promote the race, which will be on September 6. The 5k will be at Byrd Park in Richmond.

The celebration was also a way to raise money for the operation of the event, which drew thousands to Brown's Island throughout the day.

"It's the most incredible thing knowing that Cameron has touched to many people," said friend Abby Donelson, who helped Cameron start to plan the 5k.

The money raised at the 5k in September will go toward the Virginia Treatment Center for Children. Family members said that was a place Cameron wanted to see the money go to before she passed away.


  • BO

    lets not forget you are in danger of losing certain rights if you are unstable enough to ask for help.gun owners are not allowed to have mini meltdowns,you will be deemed unworthy of trust.I’m sure this will cause more mass shootings.

  • Belsma

    Bo, I am confused about your comment and/or why you decided to post it here. On another note, my thoughts are with the entire Gallagher/Handy etc. clan. Good works folks, good works.

    • BO

      My comment was about the very thing that should worry millions of others going through a rough could be seen as a pariah by some(lawmakers in general)making it harder than it should to ask for help.Look at the way it comes at you now,ever been to a mental health doctor you are automatically unstable.mental health treatment is now a stain upon you.

      • Belsma

        What does Cameron’s death have to do with guns? She did not kill herself, sure she suffered from mental illness, many do, but I am fairly certain she was not concerned about being able to own a gun. Your agenda belongs elsewhere, not here, not now, not ever…as far as Cameron goes. If you want to help teens, especially ones that suffer from depression then join us in September for the 5K, otherwise take your agenda elsewhere where it is better served.

    • Belsma

      Not always, just by people who don’t understand it or who are in denial. There is not one person out there over the age of 20 or maybe younger that can say they don’t know someone who suffers or has suffered from depression, but Cameron’s life and untimely death had nothing to do with guns.

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