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Marva Maid: Milk that sickened students spoiled 2 days earlier than expected

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. --  School milk that sickened some Henrico County students Thursday was supplied to county schools by Marva Maid.

Henrico County Spokesman, Andy Jenks said that four students at the elementary school reported nausea after drinking the milk. The Henrico County Health Department said they received around 10 calls regarding people feeling ill which could possibly be linked to the spoiled milk.

Premature spoilage on half-pint milk containers dated May 30 was caused by an equipment malfunction, Marva Maid spokeswoman Amber DuMont said.  A stuck valve on the equipment could have led to the milk going bad earlier than normal, she said.

"The dairy’s management team immediately investigated the complaint and determined that the milk in question had spoiled two days earlier than expected," the company later said in a statement Friday afternoon.

Accordingly, Marva Maid notified customers on Thursday May 29, that it was voluntarily withdrawing all ½-pints with a May 30 expiration date.

Then the company announced late Friday that it withdrawing all ½-pints with expiration dates from May 30 through June 2 "out of an abundance of caution."

"A number of factors can contribute to milk spoiling before its expiration date. The most common cause is lack of proper refrigeration, which puts added stress on milk and makes it more perishable," the company said.

Marva Maid offered to replacement milk to impacted customers.

Henrico County Public Schools warned parents Thursday night that some students had become ill after drinking school milk.

"I was a little dismayed to understand that there was a problem with the milk," said one parent. "But, it was good to know the correspondence received from the school system was in a very quick manner."

“Their symptoms, mainly nausea, were short-lived.  As a precaution, however, we have decided not to serve milk of any type tomorrow (Friday, May 30th), throughout the school system. Juice and water will be offered as alternatives,” the county told parents.

The letter encouraged parents to contact their child’s school on Friday if there were any additional questions or comments.

The Henrico Health Department can be contacted at 804-501-5216.

Marva Maid customers can call 800-768-6243.


    • Aaron

      Most places do (I have got milk from a Wendys for my daughter that had a sell by date of the day we got it). Most of the time it isn’t a problem and in fact you can get a few days more than the sell by date (yes it is a sell by date not expiration date, you just can’t sell it after that date). I have drank milk 5 days after the sell by date and it was fine. Your nose is the best thing to determine if milk is spoiled or not.

  • koryo

    curious why everyone is assuming it is spoiled milk…..could be contamination from the filling line or bacterial contamination such as listeria or e coli???

  • NA

    actually its because they take the milk off trays an reserve it…. i see it every week when at the school

  • NA

    as in closed unopened milk,yogurt,carrot sticks, juice…. as they dump trays….. ive never seen any other school do this…..

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