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Woman arrested after carjacking ‘wrong truck’ outside Martin’s

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - Police arrested a 49-year-old Richmond woman accused of committing a crime inside a Glen Allen Martin's supermarket. The crime spilled out into the street.

Sandra Sandiford (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

Sandra Sandiford (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

Sandra Sandiford, 49, left the Martin's along the 10200 block of Staples Mill Road with several hundred dollars worth of groceries she did not pay for, Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt Linda Toney said.

When workers tried to stop Sandiford, the woman kept walking away, police said.

Sandiford crossed Staples Mill Road where she walked up to a pick-up truck sitting at a red light at Warren Road.

She threw her groceries into the truck and climbed inside, according to police. An off-duty Henrico Police Officer was driving the truck.

He turned off the truck when Sandiford got inside.

"Ms. Sandiford took the keys, turned the truck back on, attempted to put the truck in gear, and made threatening statements to the officer," police said. "The officer and a witness were able to gain control of Ms. Sandiford and waited for officers to arrive."

The crime happened Monday about 1 p.m., police said.

Sandiford is charged with grand larceny and carjacking.


    • isso

      Seems this Government feeds, seeds, waters, promotes, allows,
      sponsors, and enables solely or their Exclusive Favorites.
      It’s Round Robin. Government’s vicious circle of their Governance.
      You feed us Votes, We’ll feed and care for you. “I’ll do you if you
      do me.”
      Waiting for the Party Cry of “Disparity”, “Disenfranchisement”, and
      “Poor Me”. Poverty Up, black unemployment Up, food prices Up.
      Oops, Sorry about this favoritism. Currently favoring the other
      Special Interest Group of the Day: Illegal Aliens Invaders
      wanting, demanding, getting Special Favors from US; JOBS and
      any and All Entitlements.
      Hoping one faction does not See, Transparently, the other faction’s
      favoritisms for Votes while releasing 36,000 Convicted Illegal
      Alien Invaders, for illegal Voters in time for Mid Term.
      What’s Law Got to Do With It? PC Rules. Transparent Democratic!

    • Tammy

      I agree buzz. Howevee, I hope you dont think black people are the only democrats or the only ones taking advantage of government help.

      • buzz

        Ever notice a liberal stands out when they get confronted with the facts? they get offended so easily, start name calling, become grammar nazis, start name calling, become critical and spew baseless facts and deflect away from the arguement jsut like you did loser

      • manalishi

        buzz. I’m thinking that democrats have been told how “special” they are for so long it becomes a dysfunction. I guess they are entitled to that too.

  • Tammy

    I am a black woman and if I’m reading what buzz said correctly…I think he is saying welfare, housing projects and other type of government hand outs are paralyzing the black community. If this is what he is saying then I agree with him whole heartedly. That system is broken. People should not be able to use it their whole adult life until they die. However, I disagree with labeling anyone who commits a crime as a democrat. That doesn’t make any sense.

      • manalishi

        At least until proven otherwise Clayton. But Tonya would rather be directly associated with the democrats in question therefore it’s obvious why she supports the democrat lack of values. Psychology 101.

      • Tammy

        Where do you get your stats? Never seen a stat about crimes by political party. A lot of people don’t even affiliate or identify with a political party. I didn’t know when they locked you up they asked what political party you belonged to.

        manalishi, I’m Tammy, not Tonya.

    • Glen Allen

      As a white man, I would like to point out that there are plenty of white men and women who also believe in using the system for a lifetime.

  • BO

    People still think I’m joking when I say their is a huge undocumented chickenhead mafia out there.

  • deuceiswild

    So for the sake of argument, ask any welfare recipient how long since they had a job and how many years have they been collecting gov’t assistance. You will hear the truth. It would be no surprise if you are sick and tired of paying for everyone’s free ride.

  • angel2

    I think the story is quite humorous, with regard to her carjacking a police officer. On the other hand, it’s sad she was so desparate, whatever her reason(s).

  • Tonya

    Tammy you are so right & as for you Manalishi it’s your meth head mama that’s working the Pike & Jeff Davis. Stupid motherfu**er

  • Tonya

    Tammy you are so right & for you Manalishi it’s your meth head mama that’s working the Pike & Jeff Davis. Stupid a**

    • manalishi

      David! Cross dressing again? You’ve gotten so angry you cant even remember who you are. Poor democrat doesn’t anything in his drawers but a promise to do better next time. I know why your daddy left now.

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