Auction lowers prices at Rocketts Landing

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Nine units are were auctioned off at 210 Rock (PHOTO: Burl Rolett)

RICHMOND, Va. – A new wave of homeowners will soon descend onto Rocketts Landing after getting sweet deals on condos at an auction last week.

The sale took place May 20 in front of a standing-room-only crowd at the Westin Hotel in Glenside. WVS Cos., the developer of Rocketts Landing, unloaded 28 unsold condos; 23 at auction and five more in conventional sales immediately after.

All told, the event brought in more than $6 million.

And while the Rocketts sales figures left some existing neighbors uncertain about near-term effects on their property values, a Rocketts developer thinks the auction may set a steady tone on values at the riverside village going forward.

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