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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) — A letter obtained by CBS 6 that was sent to parents with children at Tussing Elementary indicates that foreign objects were found in some hamburgers served at the school cafeteria.

The Colonial Heights School Superintendent issued a letter that stated an employee discovered the particles in certain hamburger patties that had been sliced and prepared for service in the cafeteria at Tussing Elementary School.

The school believes that the particles came from the meat slicer used to slice ground beef into patties. The statement indicates that it may have been metal shavings, though that is not confirmed or stated in the letter.

The incident occurred on May 20 and a letter was sent two days later.

“We do not believe that any of the 187 patties served to customers  (faculty and students) at Tussing Elementary included any such foreign particles since they were thoroughly inspected visually; however given that they were cut with the same machines as those in which we observed such particles (which were not served), we wanted to bring this to your attention,” wrote Food Service Director, Joseph Fitzgerald, in a letter to parents.

The letters sent as a precautionary measure. No illnesses or reactions have been reported at this time.

Parents were urged to contact the Food Service Director if they have questions or concerns.

Colonial Heights Schools began a contract with Aramark K-12 Education to provide food service management in 2012.


  • dave

    they come in rolls like a big hot dog and must be cut.this however is serious and the fact the school is down playing it stinks bad

  • rickenhouse

    this is exactly why my children take there lunch to school. One the lunch has gotten so gross looking and smells aweful who would want to eat it. Trying to make it healthy was a big waste of time and effort bc the kids do not eat it and then they end up hungry in the end still bc they do not like what is served. I think if they change it back and get some ppl in there that actually know how to cook then it would be different and the food could actually be eaten with out having to examine first and determine what is in it

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