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Daytime break-ins rattle Northside neighbors

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A recent rash of break-in has unnerved some people who live and work around the Bellevue neighborhood in Northside Richmond.

“It was broad daylight and they didn’t care,” said Jackie Brown whose car was broken into behind her office along the 4100 block of Brook Road. She said the crime happened between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Thief broke into Jackie Brown's car (PHOTOS: Jackie Brown)

Someone broke into Jackie Brown’s car (PHOTOS: Jackie Brown)

Brown admitted she made a mistake and left her make-up bag inside her car and in plain sight.

She said she assumed the thief believed the bag was actually her purse. It turned out Brown had her wallet hidden inside her car and once the thief broke in, he found her wallet too.

Jackie Brown talks about the mistake she made that led to the crime.

Jackie Brown talks about the mistake she made that led to the crime.

“If I had just removed the items from the front seat, I would have been fine,” she said.

When she reported the crime to police, she said she was told there had been a recent spike in similar crimes around the neighborhood. Two weeks earlier Cole Wasdin was a crime victim.

Someone broke into Cole Wasdin's home.

Someone broke into Cole Wasdin’s home.

While she and her husband were out of town, someone kicked down the door of their Bellevue home. The thief stole their television and other electronics before their landlady scared the thief off.

“It was a little strange that it happened midday,” Wasdin said about the crime. “It feels really invasive. Somebody’s been in your space. Messing with your stuff.”

Wasdin said they are working with a Richmond Police detective to help solve the crime.


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