VIDEO: Prom volunteer and student kicked out of prom ‘set record straight’

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - The Chesterfield teenager whose prom night story went viral earlier this month created a video to set the record straight about what happened that night (scroll down to watch video).

In the original viral post, the student named Clare claimed she was kicked out of the area's home school prom on May 10 because her dress was too short and her dance moves too provocative.

As international coverage of the situation grew, witnesses who saw the incident started to speak out.

Reporter Chelsea Rarrick spoke with Ann Duncan Tuesday evening. Duncan said she was a volunteer at the home-school prom and wrote to CBS 6 after seeing our stories on the air.

Duncan said she believed both sides were not told, and she started with prom dress code, and the length of the dress.

"The dress maybe at the door when she came in was fingertip length, but it was spandex," said Duncan. "It was very stretchy, it was riding up. It was right below her butt cheeks by the time I saw her."

Duncan said she did not see Clare dance, but responsed to the teen's post where she wrote that the dads on the balcony were ogling and talking amongst themselves.

"It was very crowded," said Duncan. "There were 500 kids there so to be able to even say what they were looking at would have been very difficult."


"The words used by the young lady to describe the events were specifically chosen to debase the parents who inconvenienced her," the woman continued. "For example, 'ogling' makes the dads out to be perverts, instead of concerned parents debating about the right thing to do."

Similar email and comments from readers who questioned the student's claims can be found on and other websites around the world.

So in response to the feedback she received after her original post, Clare and her boyfriend James posted a video on YouTube to clear up some things.

"The dads did make me uncomfortable at the prom," she said. "They were doing nothing except standing there and watching everybody. I don't personally think the dads were sitting there being perverts."

She said the focus of the story should not be on the dads. Clare said the purpose of her post was to address "slut shaming."

"[When you] tell women that because they were wearing a certain thing, it does not matter that a man molested you or raped you," Clare said in the video. "I did not get raped or molested at the prom or anything, but it was the mentality of you have to dress a certain way because men can't control their thoughts and actions in regards to you if you don't."

Clare and James said their issue is not with the home-school community in which they were raised, rather it is about "people treating people like people."

Still, Duncan said she believes people should listen to all sides.

"I want people to be able to put all the pieces together and then come up with their own idea of what happened," she said.

The organizer first referred to in Clare’s blog post as “Mrs. D.” has not responded to CBS 6 inquiries for an interview to see if she made the comment that Clare allegedes.

The post maintains that Mrs. D. gestured her off the dance floor, into a corner with another woman.

It was there that Mrs. D told her some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained “her dancing was too provocative” and that it was going to “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”


  • Elizabeth

    I want to know why a teenage girl is being blamed for adult males having filthy thoughts about her? Any adult male who looks at a teenage girl and thinks it is HER fault that they can’t control their thoughts needs to be in therapy. Society is too quick to judge the girl and allow men to get away with this kind of behavior.

    • Paige Roberts

      It seems Clair did not even say that the Dads ogling her, (someone did) and admits there was no way for her to know that. She just said they must have been looking if someone complained. That is a very flimsy evidence to be calling those men perverts. she is only 17 and has a lot better excuse for a baseless accusation than you do

  • Elizabeth

    “We’ve been taught a woman’s body will cause men to sin. We’re told if a woman shows too much of her body men will do stupid things. Let’s be clear: a woman’s body is not dangerous to you. Her body will not cause you harm. It will not make you do stupid things. If you do stupid things it is because you chose to do stupid things.” – Nate Pyle How to See A Woman: A Conversation Between A Father and A Son

    • Belsma

      I don’t know what a “YO” is, but I am assuming your comment has something to with the fact that she did not go to prom with a lily white boy. You may have more “issues” than these teens do. You should go see a doctor to get your head examined.

  • About time we heard the other side

    So glad to finally hear the other side and the truth of the matter…she broke the rules at a Private event in a CHURCH. It’s a no brainier. If she hadn’t thrown in the spin of the dad’s being peeves this would never have made the news, ever. Why? Because teens break rules at every single prom. It’s life. Life is not fair and this girl needs to learn that profiting (because she is now “taking donations for college fund”) from crying wolf is only going to come back to haunt her.
    7 other kiddos were kicked out of this prom for breaking the rules…thank God they didn’t decide to harm every caring father that was there like this girl did. Here’s the deal. I feel bad for men. They can’t win. Either people want fathers present in their children’s lives or they don’t. If you make fathers that are present and active in their child’s lives all into perves….well you can’t have it both ways. I say these dads were amazing for being there helping make this happen for their kids! I simply can’t believe this little girls cries of “poor me! I am just too pretty!” Rolling my eyes. What are we teaching our kids? They all want to be internet famous and will do anything to achieve it :(

  • DOM

    I am a so called “Dirty Old Man” and I wouldn’t look twice at skanky trash like her. Quit trying to play the DOM card. It doesn’t play here.

    • ravensterps

      You’re a self-identified dirty old man who just called a 17-year-old girl “skanky trash.” You are what’s wrong with the world and I wouldn’t want you anywhere around my children.

  • Katina Cooper

    I’d bet that none of the men at the prom and definitely none of the men commenting would have had a chance with her or any other girl at any dance. They all stood by the wall and watched, just like now. Losers then, losers now. She wouldn’t have given any of you men a second glance. That’s why you’re saying these things about her.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    ““cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.” Oh the bigot and hypocritical Chr*stians. No wonder this happened.

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