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Richmond wins share of $100,000 to build new bike trails, improve old ones

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) And the winner is… Richmond.

With more than 13,800 votes, the Richmond-area won a share of a $100,000 grant from Bell Helmets.

The money will be used to not only improve 15 miles of existing bike trails, but also build 20 additional trail miles.

“The goal is to incorporate approximately 15 miles of stacked-loop singletrack, and an additional 5 miles of flow trail which will focus on a progression of difficulty,” project plans indicated on “The project will also focus on improving the existing trails on-site in order to diversify the trails and improve the overall depth of experience within the system. In addition to these singletrack trails, the project seeks to develop a new gateway trail with two loops suitable for novices, children, handcycles, and bicycles pulling child-trailers.”

Richmond was declared the East Coast winner. Flagstaff, Arizona won the West Coast and Cottage Grove, Minnesota won the Central Region.

Neither of the other winning cities accumulated the vote total that Richmond did.




  • me

    It IS decided!!!
    The minority RULES by Over-Ride Rules, through elected
    Public Officials, of, by and for their Rich Donors for Tax Dollars Consortiums. Set up as Solely for The Exclusive Party’s Special Interests.
    IF Propagandized Systematically in Party Pravda; you will be
    brain washed to kowtow to ALL Their Special Needs.
    Because WE SAY; and refuse The Public SAY.
    WHO in Richmond had a VOTE in how their taxes are being
    spent in the Special Interest’s 2015 Bike Championships,
    Close Richmond for Bikes, Bikes Over-Ride Rules, and Bike Supremacy? It IS PC..Governance, of, by, and for PC
    Governance. It’s the new “IN” thing.

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