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Robbery victims recall ordeal as feds unseal Kevin Quick murder indictments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAYNESBORO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR)- A 39-page indictment unsealed Friday laid out  a trail of terror leading up to the death of Waynesboro Reserve Police Capt. Kevin Quick.

Three out of the four indicted by the federal government for Quick’s murder are siblings.

The indictment alleges they are members of the “99 Goon Syndikate,” a Central Virginia street gang linked to the Bloods.  Prosecutors say they are now connected to more than a dozen violent crimes over a four-month period.

Thumbing through the indictment, you’ll find a list of violent crimes committed from early October 2013 to early February 2014, most of them in the western part of Central Virginia.

"As soon as my customer left, he ran from behind the U-Haul,” said Mintu D’costa who remembers the January night he was robbed at the Exxon store in Kent vividly.  "He came and pointed a gun at me, then came around and started dumping money in the bag," said D’costa.  "It was very scary."

Prosecutors named Daniel Mathis, also known as “Mooch” as the suspect who pulled off the heist.

Jagdeep Singh said he was fortunate to survive his horrifying ordeal in Bumpass, at MacQueen's grocery in mid-December.  "The guy came in had a gun like this,” said Singh.  “As I was swiping a credit card he put it on me.”

Mathis and an unnamed co-conspirator were singled out for that robbery.

"It's important to recognize the tragic circumstances of officer Kevin Quick's death could've been anyone in this room,” said Charlottesville's Chief of Police Tim Longo.

Mathis, Shantai Shelton, her sister Mersadies Shelton and Travis Bell are all charged with the reserve officer’s murder.  Prosecutors  say their nine-member street gang began in November of 2009.

Longo says Quick’s tragic death sheds light on the  very serious and very real problem of street gangs.  "This is a cancer cell that's growing every day,” said Longo.  “For us to provide a prescription to deal with it, we will have to use so many resources."

It's up to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder whether the four named today will face the death penalty.

The full indictment is posted here on our website.


  • Becky

    Amazing that the Democratic Echelons from Obama, Holder,
    McAuliffe, Herring, McEachin, Mayor Jones, Byron Marshall,
    and all their arms and armies of NAACP, Sharpton, and
    Jackson cannot see, transparently, that there IS a
    “Disparity Issue”. They are all privy to all the stats, reports,
    records, investigations, and police blotters,/logs that are
    manipulated for correct coverage from the public.
    Bet Race Hate Crimes never even came up in this case..

  • chris

    I hope they execute all four of them. Obama having sympathy for the Oklahoma goon is atrocious.

  • Tonya

    What in the he** does the president & everybody else that has been named has anything to do with this??? Blame everything on the president. I agree they need to be off of the streets forever but they did this and no one else.RIP Captain Quick

    • Becky

      Oh, so those specific leaders, that set their policies and agendas; publicize them in their media, routinely, shouldn’t have to deal with the
      the actual realitities that dispute their jargon? President; “Can’t
      Touch Dis!”? Why? He IS supposed to be “In-Charge” of his
      filtered down agendas and policies, published nationwide.
      What if it were Bush? Seems he was Blamed for everything and
      anything. This president gets an Excuse Card for everything?

  • Becky

    NO! Time OUTS for those can’t Deal in or with Truths, can’t defend
    their ground, think just ugly should Over Rule,
    like their Most Intelligent. BULL.

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