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Police captain Kevin Quick murdered by Bloods gang members, indictment alleges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATED:  Suspects in Kevin Quick slaying will not face death penalty

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) - The people who carjacked, kidnapped and killed Waynesboro reserve police captain Kevin Quick were members of the Bloods street gang who robbed stores and sold drugs in the weeks and months leading up to the murder, according to a 39-page indictment unsealed Friday.
A total of nine individuals were indicted in the abduction and slaying of reservist Capt. Quick.

Click HERE for complete coverage of the Kevin Quick case.

Click HERE for complete coverage of the Kevin Quick case.

The suspects killed Quick "for the purpose of gaining entrance to and maintaining and increasing position in the enterprise, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity," the indictments indicated.

[Click here to read the indictments]

Daniel Mathis, Shantai Shelton, Mersadies Shelton and Travis Bell are charged with Quick's murder.

"On or about January 31, 2014, Daniel Mathis, Shantai Shelton, Mersadies Shelton and Travis Bell carjacked a vehicle belonging to Kevin Quick and kidnapped him," the indictment read. "[The suspects] drove around to various banks in Virginia, in Quick's vehicle, and made, or attempted to make, withdrawls from Kevin Quick's bank accounts. During some of these attempts, Quick was still in the vehicle being held against his will."

The indictment went on to say the suspects murdered Quick and left his body in Goochland County woods.

"We are doing our best to piece together what occurred with respect to Officer Quick's murder and other acts," U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said.

Other suspected gangs members are accused of obstructing justice by "altering, destroying and concealing documents and property belonging to Quick in order to prevent their discovery." They are also accused of destroying or concealing a .40 caliber firearm so police would not be able to find it.

The suspects were members of the "99 Goon Syndikat," a central Virginia street gang started in November 2009 linked to the notorious Bloods from Los Angeles.

Federal officials said the gang members, with nicknames such as "K-Gunns," "Big Homie," "Black Wolf" and Lady Guns," had been terrorizing the Charlottesville-area committing murder, armed robberies and trafficking drugs since the Goonz was formed in 2009.

Law enforcement says this case reinforces that gangs are not just a big city concern.

The trial date is set for July 23, but Heaphy said the trial date may be pushed back due to the case's complexities.



    You can’t blame BET ot videos. These people are adults and they did this on their own. They all need the dealth penalty like B.N. said.

  • rickenhouse

    Kill them how they killed this man AND then dump them all where ever in the woods that you may feel to do so that is what they deserve they deserve no better than what they did to him.and then it wont waste no tax dollars givin them three hots and a cot.

    • Brittany

      It costs more for the death penalty than it does to give them three hots and a cot forever.. I agree though, they do not deserve to breath any longer after this!

  • angel2

    That’s what burns me up about the prison system…murderers actually get off too easily…in prison they get 3 squares a day….pool table, sports, cable TV, library, internet (some prisons), free dental/medical. No worrying about electric, water, mortgage bills. Thanks to the gov’t, I’m down to one meal, one snack a day. I’m lucky if I get one decent TV broadcast over my digital TV. Sorry…..I’m in a terrible mood…..just needed to vent.

    • Brittany

      Don’t be sorry, it’s absolutely repulsive that people like these are treated so well for doing such horrible things. I pray your situation gets better and hopefully there is releif in sight for you. It is absolutely heart breaking to know that murderers/child molesters/ecetera are taken care of so nicely when we have people (such as your self) who can’t afford to feed themselves much less afford cable/internet. Not to mention all of the homeless population that are suffering as well. Granted, SOME of the homeless have created their own problems from their demons, but not all of them are that way. Some are just people who are down on their luck. I truly hope things get better for you, keep your head up!

      • Sandra

        Brittany I have never read such compassion on these threads before. May God bless you for caring about another person’s plight.

      • Sarrah Goldblume

        With all the hype about diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by now, but empty promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our schools, cities, and society in ruins.

        The media has created an illusion that African Americans are the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White people. It is on about every commercial now in case you have not noticed.

        As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans.

        Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural enrichment.

        Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement seems to insure the criminals’ rights are upheld far more than arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime.

        In conclusion; the tsunami of violent crime, squalor, and bankruptcy in our cities, schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration.

  • Jon Anthony

    These soulless savages should be lined up and cut to ribbons with machine gun fire, all on PPV HD….proceeds going to victims’ families.

  • debbie

    Maybe they should check them out in the Murphy case because I don’t believe that Taylor is the right person.

  • he-huan

    To Canadians – you often boast how your country has surpassed us in quality of life indices. True, and you deserve it (not that you haven’t benefiited by residing next to the largest economy in the world, and it being a democracy…). You don’t have this large underclass of shiftless, aimless, pompous people of a heritage that feels its entitled, above and beyond the law, and with little regard to hard work, educational advancement, and honest living. So kudos to you. Otherwise, WE would be much better off and more the envy of the world.

    • CanadianPerspective

      I think both of our countries have different pros and cons. Something’s are better in USA and some things are better in Canada. For example, medications are cheaper in Canada and prison sentences are better in USA (I think). I do not like how sentences are concurrent in Canada and how we don’t have the death penalty. I prefer consecutive sentencing but I’m on the fence with the death penalty. Only in overwhelming evidence to the point the killer committed the crime do I support the death penalty. Only because many innocent civilians get convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. I’m also on the fence pertaining to gun rights. In Canada, it’s a much stricter process to legally obtain a firearm. However, I find the American process too lax. I wish Canadians who legitimately meet the requirements would be allowed to obtain restricted firearms. For example, if a victim was being stalked and there’s a real danger and likely hood that their Stalker had the intent on killing the victim. I believe that victim should be allowed to possess a restricted firearm after meeting the requirements (including a firearms course, which is already in place) under current Canadian Law.

      RIP, I hope these offenders are given the maximum sentence.

    • manalishi

      No Bob. Ken is obviously not a murderer nor did he endorse it. Rather he pointed out the obvious. Is your name really “Bob, or is that just what you do?

    • Mike

      Bob: You are a PATHETIC coward who can’t deal in reality. NOTHING compares to what these worthless, sub human demons did. You are a weak, sad, coward you socialist. Get back in your corner. You gross politically correct loser. Oh and maybe this worthless president and his side kick “wife” will mention this case.. Oh but of course NOT!

  • Bob

    If these dirt bags wives/old ladies/girl friends/family is on Public Assistance- Cut Them Off immediately

    **This goes for anyone in the “family”- meaning if little Johnny is out gang banging or whatever and committing crimes then the Family loses the PA. Maybe then they will start to hold their kids accountable and act like real parents.

    **Family: Does not mean they have to be married since many of folks these days don’t get married but shack up together and pump out kids. So if your ‘old man/old lady’ is a criminal- you lose the PA. You chose them and the life style so you get to suffer the consequences of your actions.

    **Also- after 2 kids you get No More PA. If you could not afford the first 2 then you will not be rewarded for having more. Major problem in Detroit.

    Commit a crime and lose the public dime.

  • John

    I don’t see how it cost more to kill them then it dose for three hots and a cot for the rest of there lives you know they make over thirty thousand dollars a year for each convict in taxpayers money it ain’t cost them a dime to kill officer quick did it? It don’t cost nothing to kill just tie a neuce hang em or fireing squad or however leather injection hell it might cost five dollars to run a electric chair if that call me mcgiver I’ll need a little bit of electric wire a metal chair two six inch nails and a functioning light switch I’ll fry them lol

  • John

    That’s what’s wrong with America put druggies in prison for victimless crimes for hurting there own health and the only reason that’s illegal “using drugs I mean” is cause Uncle Sam can’t control it and tax it but let chomo’s “child melesters” for all you lingo impared back out after a year or two saying there rehabilitated knowing they gonna do it again and let murders out back on the street because of some loophole in our judicial system.but give drug dealers even someone doing somethen as victimless as selling weed they put them away and give them football numbers of years again for all you lingo impared that means” alote of years in prison” you kno if u convict someone of murder indisputable amount of evidence that they did it quit clogging up the artery’s of our prisons and kill them don’t give them life in prison or allow them appeals or allow them to sit on death row for twenty years do us all a favor and quit wasting Americans tax dollars and kill them I bet there would be less crimes and murders if people knew they won’t get to sit around with all there friends and fellow gangmembers who are glorifying them for what they done that’s y I wish one voice could change things give me the key to our judicial system I’ll have this shit cleaned up quick fast and in a hurry and won’t spend a dollar

  • Becky

    Local, state, and now Federal Investigation since February 1st.
    Don’t think the infamous DOJ will label this a Race Hate Crime
    by Gang.
    Bet they will never even see, correlate, or develope a Propabaility
    Analysis of all the “Disparity Issues”
    in the Nation’s Crime Wave or right here in their targeted Virginia/

  • Becky

    I’ll Say. It IS blatantly clear, obvious, and oh, so Transparent and
    Democrats conveniently pretend to be deaf, dumb, and blind if it
    suit them and their profiled protected “Correct-Mess”.

  • John

    Sounds like they behaved exactly like the cop they killed. This is a story of gang on gang violence. Nothing more.

  • Mike Walker

    You ppl have it all wrong. Don’t put them to death! If you truly want vengeance (that’s all the death penalty is good for really) then what you do is pay attention in the five years which one of these fine upstanding AA males actually has a conscious and feels some remorse (some I’m sure are psychopaths and don’t care). The remorseful one will reach out to a family member for moral support, usually a mother. Find out if they regularly visit. Then out of the blue one day take this family member out to the woods and have some fun. Word will get back to the “saved” one and that person will most likely kill themselves from the despair and guilt. Now that’s how you get revenge in MHO :)

  • sick of the bs

    I notice how when nonwhites kill whites its never ever a hate crime but if a white person killed a black etc you will never hear the end of it.

  • sick of the bs

    Oh and btw whites never wanted to integrate by choice president eiseinhower forced the white people at gun point to do it and whom did he use ? The US military.

  • background check

    Kevin’s vehicle was found three days later abandoned in Louisa County, and his body was found on Feb. 6 in a remote area near the Goochland County-fluvanna county line.
    And as we know that Six member of a gang have been arrested on charges related to the investigation into Quick’s death.

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