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Play Europe’s “Petanque” in Church Hill

RICHMOND, Va., (WTVR): Petanque Open House Sponsored by Les Boulefrogs of Church Hill Petanque Club; Are you ready to play one of Europe's most popular outdoor games, not sure what it is, you will this weekend. Petanque, pronounced "pay-tonk" is a cousin of horseshoes, shuffleboard and of the Italian bowling game called "bocce". The aim is to toss or roll metal balls "boules" as close as possible to a target called "cochonnet (French for piglet)

Anyone can play, young and old are encouraged to come out Saturday, May 17 from 11am to 3pm to Chimborazo Playground, at East Grace & 29th Street in Church Hill for an Open House. The introduction is open to all ages and people with disabilities, no special skill is required to play. For more information about Petanque visit or or on Facebook,


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