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VIDEO: Police investigate after officer kicks handcuffed child

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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - The family of a 13-year-old Florida child said they planned to file an official complaint with Boynton Beach Police after video surfaced that appeared to show a police officer kicking the handcuffed child.

"I got off the bus and they put me in handcuffs," 13-year-old Kevin Jeanbaptiste said. "They said don't speak unless I was spoken to. The lady spoke to me and said be quiet, he said be quiet, I was talking and he slammed me."

Video taken, by a classmate, appears to show a Boynton Beach Police Officer kicking Kevin. Kevin's mother said her son did not tell her what happened to him immediately after the incident.

"Everything was blue, [his] knee was blue, everything was very blue. I said Kevin what happened to you did somebody hit you?" his mother said.

The officer in the video was placed on paid administrative duty while Boynton Beach Police investigated the incident.


  • donny

    whats with this paid leave junk.Anytime we hear of these issues its “paid leave”.woo thats a punishment,ill sit at home after getting caught doing something wrong and get paid.Need to do away with this,I understand it could be proven later it didn’t happen somehow,well then pay them what they missed after that.

  • Ta

    i agree with u Donny,,,that paid leave mess is a joke…some kind of punishment that is to sit at home in your pjs and still make money smh..they do need a better system

  • Jennifer

    Of course Mommie & Daddy are upset that their perfect little angel was handcuffed. After all he’s such a good boy. That’s why police were called to pull their perfect little angel off of the bus. He was most likely running his fat mouth & they were sick of it!

    • Matthew Stacy

      I do not recall the mother complaining about her son being handcuffed. She was upset the officer kicked her son. But I guess in your demented mind he deserved it for disrespecting an officer. All of you cop supporters are the same. If you do not wear a badge you are automatically the scum of the earth. The good book says ALL HAVE SINNED AND ALL HAVE FELL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. Yes even you! I pray he gets fired for this but I doubt it. Probably will get a promotion!

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